Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I've Jumped On The Tag Bandwagon

I first read about tags (where else) on Giftie's Blog.  She uses them to mark her project pages and I held out buying some for awhile because I wasn't sure I would like how they stick out, and I was also worried that I would pull them off every time I opened a particular page.  I use A-Z dividers on my "Files" section but using a second set would make my planner to bulky.  I finally gave in and decided to try them.  As you can see below, they don't stick out too far at all.  They've become welcome additions to my planner.

I also like using them on my weekly pages, right now I have four of them.  The red tag is for "Bill Due".  I just point it to the next bill due as a "at a glance" reminder when looking for what bill is due next.  I regularly order, pick up, and call the doctor for new scripts for my medication and the yellow tag points to the next medication action I need to attend to.  I am keeping an index on my blog of the free printables I offer and the purple tag reminds me to add the newest.  I don't want them to pile up on me - that's one of the reasons I stopped doing it in the first place!  The green tag says "Charleston" on it.  My sisters and I are planning a Girls Only trip to the beach in June and that tag reminds me to save for gas, food, spending money, etc.
The tags move forward from week-to-week.  If there's no medications or bills due (ha!) a particularly week, I just rest them at the bottom of the page until they're needed.

Tell us how you use tags in your planner!

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  1. I love it!

    I wish they sold tags just a little less long. I might start trimming mine.

  2. what tags are they? they are looking so nice

  3. I use tags and put on them kawai sticky girls to identify my daughter's doctors appointments (doctor, dentist...)
    and one for my dog (medicine I have to give it).

  4. I was going to ask the same q. These are also v useful on maps.

  5. These: