Thursday, April 30, 2015

I've Heard of Those People!

I've heard of those people - you know the ones - the ones that are so organized you sometimes want to punch them?!  (heh, heh, not really) Today I was one of them!

I took my boys to the dentist to have their teeth cleaned and while they were doing that, I pulled out my planner to see if there was anything I needed to do while I was in town.

"Write birthday thank-you notes"

Yep, I had put that one off (but in my defense, it hasn't even been a full week)!  I remembered I had stuck some note cards in the back - I could actually write my thank-you notes while I was waiting!  I've heard of people doing things like that to be organized and efficient with their time but I had never tried it!

I pulled the cards out and started writing.  I had family addresses tucked in the files section of my planner so they were ready to go.  The only thing that would have been better is if I had some stamps stashed away in a zippered pouch - maybe next time!


  1. See! I am not the only one who does this! I have a small zip pouch at the back of my planner where I keep notes, envelopes, stamps, and clips, just so I have something to do while I wait.. When I receive a gift or other item that needs to be acknowledged, I add the address to my 'while I wait" section, which is in my Notes section.

    Dianne in the desert

    1. I always forget the things I came up with to get done if I don't write it down- I like the "while I wait" section- smart!

  2. Brilliant. Doesn't it feel good when a little planning totally pays off??

    My hubby scoffed when I put copies of our insurance cards into my planner... until he forgot his wallet and called me from the doctor's office. And I had them right in front of me. Ta Da!