Sunday, April 19, 2015

Peek at My Planner - a Project Page

The image to your left is what one of my current project pages looks like.  As you can see, I am using my latest project page printable that uses boxes.

My three sisters and I are planning a trip to the beach this summer to celebrate my oldest sisters 50th birthday (I'm just 10½ months behind her).  I'm the planner in the family (at least on paper), so like to see things written down.

Here I've recorded my lodging costs, the dates we'll be gone, some sight-seeing we have planned and some vegan options that I am researching.  I can add more as time progresses.

I used to think people who had business jobs needed project pages, but since reading more about the planner world I've discovered that isn't so.  I have a project page for online purchases (for tax purposes), weight loss tracking, and an idea I have for a recipe binder.

Do you use project pages?  What for?


  1. Thank you for going so indepth! This really helped me!

  2. Do you follow if the Giftie Etcetera's blog? It is a treasure trove of information!