Thursday, April 2, 2015

Planner Peace [Real Life Examples]

I am a big fan of project pages.  I think for so long just the word "project" threw me off because my brain always went toward big companies, offices and their work projects.  I never even imagined that a stay-at-home might have projects!

But we do, don't we?  Spring cleaning is a project.  Planning a birthday party is a project.  Being on schedule to teach for your homeschool group and having to prepare activities for the month is definitely a project, and is my real-life example for this week.

Here is how it worked for me this week:  our homeschool group is having SAT's this week and since I live 25 minutes out of town, I brought my laptop with me and planned to hang out at the library.  Our homeschool administrator contacted me about activity/field trip dates for April and needed information as soon as I could get it to her

Of course I had my planner with me so I opened to the project page I had already created:  "Friday School in April" where I had listed potential activities.  After a couple of text to my April mom partner, I knew what activities we were going to do and was able to let the administrator know that all of our activities would be in town and during our regular school hours.

I have a few details to hammer out but by just giving her those parameters, she was able to complete her planning as well.  Had I not had my planner with my notes about this "project", I would have had to put her on hold.  I hate the feeling of not being able to plan something because I am waiting on someone else, so I was happy I could do this.  In turn, I once again experienced "planner peace". No anxiety!   This is why I diligently use my planner and write everything down.

If you would like to share your own examples of how using a planner makes your life easier, please feel free to share in the comments below.  Maybe you would even consider writing a guest post on the idea (long or short - your choice!).

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  1. Projects are anything that takes notes or several steps. Other ideas: spring cleaning, vacations, and medical crisis management.