Monday, April 13, 2015

What Do You Do All Day?

You've probably heard, or seen the jokes on Facebook where the husband come home from work, takes a look at the house, and asks his wife, "So, what did you do all day?"  Sometimes it doesn't look like much yet we really can't recall having much free time in our day.  What did  we do?

I battle with that myself.  Weekdays are spent schooling the boys, and they help with chores - so where does my time go?  Surely I do something productive with my day!?

I experience a lot of low energy due to medications I take to trick my donated kidney into believing it is in the right body.  There are days I feel like I do nothing.  This is where I tell you to keep your old to-do lists or weekly pages.  That will give you a big boost of accomplishment.  You do dozens of tiny (and big) things that keeps your home and/or job running smoothly.  Remind yourself of that.

Somedays it might feel like you didn't do much that day, but what if you hadn't done the things today that you did manage to finish?The work you do is important - even "little" bits.

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