Monday, April 27, 2015

What Works For Me: Using a Daily Page for Two Days

I very rarely use a daily page because my days are not typically busy; even when I have several things that need to be done, they are usually just added to my weekly pages.  The Thursday before Friday school can often be filled with a lot of things to do and remember and often I will use a daily page for both days.

This is my Giftie Inspired Daily Page

Starting on Thursday afternoons, I start listing the things I need to do that evening and the next morning.  Once we leave the house at 8:20, I rarely look at my planner because once we arrive at school, I am in teacher mode and have no time.  I do occasionally need some visual reminders before I arrive at my destination, so a Post-it note comes into play with notes such as:  
  1. lunches & cash @ Walmart
  2. pay tuition
  3. give cash to Jackie
  4. pick up prescription after school
The 24th was our last Friday School day for the year but my boys and  I won't be finished with the rest of the school year until May 15th; we are very much looking forward to summer vacation.

What Works For You?


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