Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Planner This Week

As far as activity goes, this was not a busy week for me and my planner functioned mainly as a to-do list of different things I wanted to accomplished.

Every month I have blood work done but it is a walk-in deal so I don't have to make an appointment.  I write it down in my planner so I don't forget to have it done but this week I obviously didn't want t leave the house because I kept putting it off.  If you'll notice in the image below, I have "blood work" written down for everyday this week.  I finally went in on Friday so I wouldn't repeat the cycle next week!  Goodness!  Do you ever put things off like that?

I think I am enjoying my notes section being in a column.  I am finding I am using the area more than before because I am actually making notes near the relevant subject - for example, I might write "Call insurance" on my calendar and in the notes section nearby I will jot down who I need to speak to and the number and maybe even something about our conversation.   I like it enough that I just printed more weekly pages in the same format for the next few weeks.

The pink note at the bottom is my portable brain dump that I wrote about a few days ago.  I've managed to knock a few things off the list, but I've added some as well so it will follow me in to next week's layout.

2016 calendars will be available soon.  Which size are you going to check out?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Folding Fun: Menu Planning in My Planner

I have had a pre-printed grocery list in my planner and it has worked quite well.  It has the majority of groceries we use on a regular basis listed, with enough room to write in extras when needed.  For some reason though, even after all the menu templates I have designed, I still jot my week's menu on post it notes, an index card, a scrap piece of paper...nothing consistent.  Today I decided to try to incorporate my menu and my list on one full-size sheet that is folded to fit in my planner.

After printing, I punched holes on both sides and snipped the holes on the menu side.  I folded the paper in half (each way) and placed it in my planner with the list showing and the menu folded to the back of the list.  I like having both of these together because when I am shopping, I am able to easily refer to the menu if I have a question.  I also like having them side to side when I am planning the menu and circling (or highlighting) what I will need for the meals.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Current Week on 2 Pages [printable]

You know I am always tweaking my pages - here's what I am currently using for my weekly pages.  You can download it HERE.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Portable Brain Dump List

Recently after dumping all my thoughts on a piece of paper, I was left with a few items I wasn't able to process in my planner - at least not at the time.  I wrote them all down on one of my weekly pages, but then the week passed and I didn't get to all of those items.

Most of these items are things that need attending to in the very near future but I can't put a date on them.  I don't want to rewrite the list over and over (especially since I sometimes procrastinate - I know I am the only one who does that) so I cut a post-it down to match one of the columns on my weekly page and wrote down the 5 items.  My main purpose is to keep those things in front of me so I will look at it everyday.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Summer Vacation Is Here!

Yesterday, the boys and I finished our last day of school! I (think) I am taking the rest of the week off from blogging to get my house and schedule into order. I will also  spend a little time working on my blog plans for the rest of the summer. A list is in order – I do not want to blink my eyes and see that summer vacation is over and I accomplished nothing!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How To Create Simple Blog Images With Your Phone

I use an iPhone so I am coming to you from that point of view, but I am fairly sure that most smartphones have this app or apps similar to it.

To the left you see the image I created for yesterday's post.  I loaded my image into the Diptic app.  It was extremely easy - I first picked a layout, in this case it was a single image (you can also make collages).  I added my text and my border and it was ready to go.  In this case I had two different sizes of text and had to do a bit of maneuvering.  I created the image with the large text and saved it to my camera roll.  I then started over and uploaded the image back into Diptic and added the smaller text.  I hope that isn't too confusing; I plan on looking for an app that you can add more than one line of text at a time.

So, I have the picture on my camera roll that I want to use in my blog post, how do I get it on my blog?  I have done it two different ways.  The easiest way is to email the picture to yourself and then go through your normal process of adding pictures using your computer or laptop.

The method I use most often now is to open the Blogger app and upload the picture to my blog post and then go from there on my laptop.  I have been known to write and publish entire posts just using my phone but I do admit the computer is the easiest way!  Your blogging platform might have an app where you can do the same thing.

Adding images makes your blog posts visually appealing and if you use Pinterest, it is practically a must!  What is your image adding process?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Taking Notes In Your Planner

I'm not sure why, but taking notes helps me to listen better to a speaker. These notes were taken today during Sunday School and I often jot down scripture references as well as key words and thoughts.  There might be a scribble or two - maybe even a try at creative lettering but my main focus is on the lesson (we have an amazing teacher).

I keep plenty of paper in the front of my planner and only write one one side of the paper (pesky rings).  I allow myself to take up as much room or paper as I need.

So, I am currently trying to figure out what to do with these notes.  I do want to keep them but I do not have room in my planner to store them week after week.

My solution for now is to keep them in my former planner.  It has turned into an archive of sorts.  I have some A-Z dividers in it and I just file extras alphabetically.  These would go under "S" for Sunday School Notes - I try to keep it simple and use key words that I am sure I would look for in the future.

How do you manage your notes?  I know some of you take notes for school (I'm betting in a separate planner?) and some for work.  I'd be interested in knowing what you do with your notes.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Grocery Lists in Your Planner

Before I started using a planner, I did not keep a running grocery list.  My routine was to sit down at the kitchen table every Saturday morning with a piece of paper and write out a menu and then make the grocery list.  I had to try and remember everything we needed because I didn't write anything down during the week.  I would refer to my menu and make a long list and then write it again so that the list was laid out in the order of the grocery store aisles.

Too much work.

I eventually cut out trying to remember everything and making huge list at one time but I still ended up writing the list over until I started doing this (image above).  I spent some time creating a master grocery list and put everything I could think of that we used on a regular basis.  I keep the file on my computer in case I have to edit the list.

My list goes in the front of my planner, right behind my dashboard, so that it is easily accessible.  When a member of my family knows we need something, they are now "trained" to ask me to put it on the list.  I usually grab my highlighter and mark what we need; there are also plenty of blank to write in anything that isn't already listed.

I was never a big fan of the master grocery list because there were so many items listed and much of it was things we didn't even use.  It took customizing my own master list to make it a good solution for us.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

New! Personal Size Daily Page [printable]

I'm sorry that I have been missing in action this week.  We are finishing up our last days of school (Tuesday is our last day!) and it has been kind of busy around here.  Today I made a personal size daily page.  I don't use this size so it always seems so small to me so I am not the best judge - do any of you write this small?  Would you change anything?

Monday, May 11, 2015

My Layout This Week

It will probably come as no surprise that I have been tweaking my weekly pages again.  I wanted to share with you what I changed this time.  I removed the boxes from the inside columns - they just weren't working for me - and replaced it with a notes section on the left hand page and a daily chores checklist on the right page.

You wouldn't think that someone who takes meds 2x a day, and has been for the past 5+ years, would need a reminder to take their meds, right?  I take them like clockwork but once, as I was taking my PM medications, I notice that my AM box was still full - somehow I had forgotten to take them!  So, a quick note that makes me think about whether or not I took them, is a good thing.  Being able to cross off chores is a good motivation to get them all done - you want all of them crossed out!

What does your week look like?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Handling Bills in Your Planner

As I've mentioned a number of times, I do things quite differently in my planner than I did when I first started using it in July of 2014 - bills are one of those things.  "Money" was one of the divider tabs I used but I only had one sheet of paper there:  a chart that I checked off when a bill was paid.  That divider has since been eliminated and I keep the chart under "B" in my Projects divider.

I still want reminders of what is coming up next so I still list the bills on my monthly pages and transfer them regularly to my weekly pages.  My pages have a dedicated spot on each day for anything having to do with money; at the end of each day, under the check boxes, there is a dollar sign ($). I list the bills that are due that day in read and right beside it I make a circle.  When I pay the bill I highlight the bill.  When the money clears the bank, I put an "X" through the circle.  So, I can see at a glance what has been paid and what hasn't and what has cleared and what hasn't.  My hubby keeps a calendar of what bills are due on what day but he appreciates being able to ask me, because he knows my planner is near, what is due and what has cleared.

Note:  if several bills have not clear, I write the amount on a mini-sticky note and place it on my planner page.  This helps when you keep up with your balance online like I do.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Creative Dashboards

Sometimes I have a dashboard in my planner, sometimes I do not.  I have found by trial and error that I do like to have something in front with a few sticky notes.  I tried putting them in the very back but it wasn't convenient to access.

So, this is what I have now.  I really didn't even plan to change mine up until I received a beautiful graduation announcement in the mail from a sweet young lady from our (home) school group.  I punched holes along the side (with my new puncher!) and put it int he front of my planner.  After awhile, I realized the back had a nice pattern as well and I turned it over and attached some stickys.

Do you use a dashboard?  Do you leave it blank as a visual or is it functional as well?

Friday, May 8, 2015

Flashback Friday: TV Episode & Series Tracker

The TV Episode & Series Tracker was more popular than I thought it would be - apparently I'm not the only one who binges on Netflix!  This insert is available in letter, half, personal and pocket.  Now you can remember what episode of "Dr. Who" you were watching!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Using Letter Size Paper in Your Half Size Planner

It seems like a no-brainer - just fold the letter size sheet of paper in half, punch holes, and place in your planner, right?  I've tried these three different ways of using whole sheets of paper in my planner:

Like mentioned above, fold the paper in half, punch holes along the left hand side (of both sheets), and put in my planner.  Not easy to open to see the whole page.

I've also punched holes along the 8½", place in planner and fold the paper in half to meet at the rings.  Don't like the paper overlapping the rings.

The third way is by not using the whole sheet at all - I've often retyped what I've been given on to a half sheet of paper or shrunk it to fit a half-size sheet. Not very convenient.

After reading Giftie's post on Temporary Planner Pages I started playing around with my paper and figured out how to store them and make them easily accessible

I take my sheet of paper (below I'm using my Sunday School notes), fold it in half and hole punch it through both layers.  Open the sheet up horizontally and place the left side in the rings and close it up.  Take your scissors and cut through the holes on the right hand side.  Now you will be able to completely fold over your paper and fit them into the rings.  I rounded the corner of the paper to make it easier to grab a hold of and lift the page up to read the entire page

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Using Blank Dividers In Your Planner

I am what I like to call a selective perfectionist, which simply means I am very particular about some things and not so much about others.  When it comes to my planner, I can be very particular.  Take my dividers for example, I have had several sets.  I made my first 3 sets, bought the dividers you see above and then made another set.  I haven't been happy with any of them.  Someday I might indulge in custom-made dividers, but until then I might have found my solution.

I only have five tabs:  Weekly, Monthly, Future, Projects, and Notes.  They flow in their order (calendars, files) so I don't have a problem getting to where I need to be.  I like how neat it looks, which is why I've changed dividers so often in the first place.  I either didn't like the way it looked when I printed the categories or I didn't like the way the labels fit on the dividers when using my label maker (I'm too picky!).

Want to know what would make me truly happy?  Dividers that you can buy (like Avery) and put in your printer.  It would come with a computer template to make it all easy and no-fuss.  Let me know if you ever see anything like that!  Until then, I'm enjoying my blank dividers!  (Who would've 'thunk?)

Past Dividers:

Monday, May 4, 2015

Frequently Used Addresses [printable]

So, I was putting a lot of effort into thinking of a new printable to post here and was coming up empty.  I decided to take a trip through my planner since most of the printables I make start out as something that I would like to have in my own planner.  I have a sheet with my most frequently used addresses (mostly my in-laws!) that I keep in my files section that needed an update and voilĂ , a new insert is born!  [grin]  What do you think, are the graph lines too dark?

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Planner Last Week

I switched from using my Giftie-Inspired WO2P to this layout (also shown above a DIYFish look-a-like daily page).  As per my usual, I put tasks on the left side of the page and in the boxes to the right were notes - more of a "could or should do" column.  For example, I might put "spaghetti" in the food box but it is also okay if I change my mind and move things around.  If I put on the tasks side "sauce in crockpot at 11am" - then that's a must-do.  The more I think about it - the boxes are more for fun than anything else.  I might consider editing that insert to remove the categories in the box.

I don't use daily pages very often and I created the one above just to see what it would look like printed out.  It's a DIYfish look-a-like and if you like the way it looks head to her site and get you some!  ;)  

Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's a No-Brainer, But...

...maybe not;  do you have an identifier tag in your planner?

"I keep it with me always, I would never lose it!"

"I never leave the house with it, it is safe."

Despite our valid excuses, there always seems to be an exception.  Maybe it was that one time that you DID take it out of the house,' or more realistically (at least for me), you absentmindedly laid it down and completely forgot all about it.  These things happen.

What kind of identifier do you have in your planner? I suggest a card or label on the inside of your planner that can be found easily. If (heaven forbid) I did lose my planner, I would hate for the finder to browse through the pages trying to find a clue as to whom it belonged - make it easy for them.  I'm considering adding "REWARD" after my phone number!!  LOL!

Check this out by Ms Wenduhh

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