Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Folding Fun: Menu Planning in My Planner

I have had a pre-printed grocery list in my planner and it has worked quite well.  It has the majority of groceries we use on a regular basis listed, with enough room to write in extras when needed.  For some reason though, even after all the menu templates I have designed, I still jot my week's menu on post it notes, an index card, a scrap piece of paper...nothing consistent.  Today I decided to try to incorporate my menu and my list on one full-size sheet that is folded to fit in my planner.

After printing, I punched holes on both sides and snipped the holes on the menu side.  I folded the paper in half (each way) and placed it in my planner with the list showing and the menu folded to the back of the list.  I like having both of these together because when I am shopping, I am able to easily refer to the menu if I have a question.  I also like having them side to side when I am planning the menu and circling (or highlighting) what I will need for the meals.


  1. OOH, I like this. I already do this for monthly calendar. Currently I'm using a Personal size. The month calendar is printed on the left 2/3 and Z-folded. When that's stretched out, the left side page of my Mo2P covers the blank (reference notes, non-day specific lists, doodles, stickers, whatever.) I now have my Month AND Week view in one spread. Love your grocery/menu list idea. Off to work on my grocery list now.

  2. I absolutely love this idea! Is there a way to download it so I can print it out and use it in my planner?