Friday, May 15, 2015

Grocery Lists in Your Planner

Before I started using a planner, I did not keep a running grocery list.  My routine was to sit down at the kitchen table every Saturday morning with a piece of paper and write out a menu and then make the grocery list.  I had to try and remember everything we needed because I didn't write anything down during the week.  I would refer to my menu and make a long list and then write it again so that the list was laid out in the order of the grocery store aisles.

Too much work.

I eventually cut out trying to remember everything and making huge list at one time but I still ended up writing the list over until I started doing this (image above).  I spent some time creating a master grocery list and put everything I could think of that we used on a regular basis.  I keep the file on my computer in case I have to edit the list.

My list goes in the front of my planner, right behind my dashboard, so that it is easily accessible.  When a member of my family knows we need something, they are now "trained" to ask me to put it on the list.  I usually grab my highlighter and mark what we need; there are also plenty of blank to write in anything that isn't already listed.

I was never a big fan of the master grocery list because there were so many items listed and much of it was things we didn't even use.  It took customizing my own master list to make it a good solution for us.


  1. I have to ask - do you shop at ALDI? Because your aisle layout reminds me of an ALDI store :)

    I have a grocery list that is similar. We grouped the left side by the ALDI aisles, with items we frequently purchase, and blank spots for less-frequent items. Then the right side has a section for the supermarket we use to fill in the holes after ALDI truip. And a section for Target for items that we know are cheaper there (hygience and paper products).

    All 3 stores are at the same intersection, so we can get our weekly shopping done in about 2 hours, depending on traffic. We go on Sunday nights, as all the stores are less crowded then.

    The back side of the page has the menu plannign spots.

    I don't keep that list in my planner, though. My husband does most of the cooking, and about half of the shopping, so we leave the blank lists on a clipboard in the kitchen, and then after shopping is done the Menu side is clipped to the fridge.