Sunday, May 10, 2015

Handling Bills in Your Planner

As I've mentioned a number of times, I do things quite differently in my planner than I did when I first started using it in July of 2014 - bills are one of those things.  "Money" was one of the divider tabs I used but I only had one sheet of paper there:  a chart that I checked off when a bill was paid.  That divider has since been eliminated and I keep the chart under "B" in my Projects divider.

I still want reminders of what is coming up next so I still list the bills on my monthly pages and transfer them regularly to my weekly pages.  My pages have a dedicated spot on each day for anything having to do with money; at the end of each day, under the check boxes, there is a dollar sign ($). I list the bills that are due that day in read and right beside it I make a circle.  When I pay the bill I highlight the bill.  When the money clears the bank, I put an "X" through the circle.  So, I can see at a glance what has been paid and what hasn't and what has cleared and what hasn't.  My hubby keeps a calendar of what bills are due on what day but he appreciates being able to ask me, because he knows my planner is near, what is due and what has cleared.

Note:  if several bills have not clear, I write the amount on a mini-sticky note and place it on my planner page.  This helps when you keep up with your balance online like I do.


  1. Did you make these inserts yourself?

  2. Love your site. I have already done my planner for this year but your site gives me tons of ideas for next year. Thanks bunches!!