Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's a No-Brainer, But...

...maybe not;  do you have an identifier tag in your planner?

"I keep it with me always, I would never lose it!"

"I never leave the house with it, it is safe."

Despite our valid excuses, there always seems to be an exception.  Maybe it was that one time that you DID take it out of the house,' or more realistically (at least for me), you absentmindedly laid it down and completely forgot all about it.  These things happen.

What kind of identifier do you have in your planner? I suggest a card or label on the inside of your planner that can be found easily. If (heaven forbid) I did lose my planner, I would hate for the finder to browse through the pages trying to find a clue as to whom it belonged - make it easy for them.  I'm considering adding "REWARD" after my phone number!!  LOL!

Check this out by Ms Wenduhh


  1. This is not original: "Your planner is like your mind. If you lost your mind, wouldn't you be grateful if some one returned it to you?"

  2. I need one. I left my planner at a hotel once. They called me and offered to ship it, but they only knew my number from the hotel reservation.