Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Planner Last Week

I switched from using my Giftie-Inspired WO2P to this layout (also shown above a DIYFish look-a-like daily page).  As per my usual, I put tasks on the left side of the page and in the boxes to the right were notes - more of a "could or should do" column.  For example, I might put "spaghetti" in the food box but it is also okay if I change my mind and move things around.  If I put on the tasks side "sauce in crockpot at 11am" - then that's a must-do.  The more I think about it - the boxes are more for fun than anything else.  I might consider editing that insert to remove the categories in the box.

I don't use daily pages very often and I created the one above just to see what it would look like printed out.  It's a DIYfish look-a-like and if you like the way it looks head to her site and get you some!  ;)  

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  1. I love the DIYfish system, but every time I get it in front of me, it's a case of "analysis paralysis."