Thursday, May 14, 2015

New! Personal Size Daily Page [printable]

I'm sorry that I have been missing in action this week.  We are finishing up our last days of school (Tuesday is our last day!) and it has been kind of busy around here.  Today I made a personal size daily page.  I don't use this size so it always seems so small to me so I am not the best judge - do any of you write this small?  Would you change anything?


  1. This is everything I could ever imagine to need in a daily page...except I could never fit that much writing on a personal sized page! I love using a personal size planner, but as it stands, I use 2 pages per day right now, to get that much information sorted!
    I would love to fit everything on one page, but that would require going up in page size, and A5 binders are a bit more difficult to just toss in a purse and go!

  2. I love how clean and simple (just the necessities and very little decoration) your pages are. I've downloaded so many, my collection of inserts now needs some organizing. Do you have an insert for that?

  3. I just started designing personal size inserts--I carry an A5 to work, but I'm finding a lot of weight hurts my shoulder to keep it in my purse (I tend to carry big purses and then fill them!). They are small, but I like how it's a quick summary of what I need to know. If I need to sit down and think or write more, I need to pull out my A5.