Monday, May 18, 2015

Taking Notes In Your Planner

I'm not sure why, but taking notes helps me to listen better to a speaker. These notes were taken today during Sunday School and I often jot down scripture references as well as key words and thoughts.  There might be a scribble or two - maybe even a try at creative lettering but my main focus is on the lesson (we have an amazing teacher).

I keep plenty of paper in the front of my planner and only write one one side of the paper (pesky rings).  I allow myself to take up as much room or paper as I need.

So, I am currently trying to figure out what to do with these notes.  I do want to keep them but I do not have room in my planner to store them week after week.

My solution for now is to keep them in my former planner.  It has turned into an archive of sorts.  I have some A-Z dividers in it and I just file extras alphabetically.  These would go under "S" for Sunday School Notes - I try to keep it simple and use key words that I am sure I would look for in the future.

How do you manage your notes?  I know some of you take notes for school (I'm betting in a separate planner?) and some for work.  I'd be interested in knowing what you do with your notes.


  1. Initially any notes "live" within the week they apply to. At the end of the month, they either become part of a file within the A-Z tabs, or become a new file. When my binder becomes too fat, the binder goes on a serious diet.(I'm not one for chunky, overstuffed planners.) Like you, my old binders become storage/reference binders. Because I've used different size binders, I have one for each size. One day I'll combine them. Just have to figure out how, without getting too wonky.

  2. Same :) separate planner with A-Z index.

  3. Love the A-Z tabs idea; it is one of those "why didn't I think of that" things. I will have a lot of sorting to do, but oh, order out of chaos!!!

  4. I'm also a multiple binder girl and do take work related notes in a A5 Clippbook (my work notebook and calender binder) before filing them away in my work reference binder. That way, I always have a slim notebook to take with me into meetings and trainings. If former material is needed, than I can bring my work reference book with me or just take the relevant pages out and put it into the clippbook. Doing this is the best way for me, to have all what I need but not more.

  5. My church notes end up getting taped into and transcribed into another notebook, so it gives me a chance to think about what I learned from the sermon, and a chance to look up the scriptures again and sometimes write them down.