Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Using Blank Dividers In Your Planner

I am what I like to call a selective perfectionist, which simply means I am very particular about some things and not so much about others.  When it comes to my planner, I can be very particular.  Take my dividers for example, I have had several sets.  I made my first 3 sets, bought the dividers you see above and then made another set.  I haven't been happy with any of them.  Someday I might indulge in custom-made dividers, but until then I might have found my solution.

I only have five tabs:  Weekly, Monthly, Future, Projects, and Notes.  They flow in their order (calendars, files) so I don't have a problem getting to where I need to be.  I like how neat it looks, which is why I've changed dividers so often in the first place.  I either didn't like the way it looked when I printed the categories or I didn't like the way the labels fit on the dividers when using my label maker (I'm too picky!).

Want to know what would make me truly happy?  Dividers that you can buy (like Avery) and put in your printer.  It would come with a computer template to make it all easy and no-fuss.  Let me know if you ever see anything like that!  Until then, I'm enjoying my blank dividers!  (Who would've 'thunk?)

Past Dividers:


  1. My dividers are blank, too! I made my own out of a couple of old calendars, and I didn't know what I wanted to put on the tabs. Now, I know where everything is, and I don't feel a need to "ruin" the tabs by labeling them. I'm quite happy with them blank!

  2. I also made my first set of dividers and the whole time I was unhappy with them. My labels were not staying put, and the order was wrong for me. The colors and patterns were simply too wild for my taste. I made new ones and opted to not have labels. I like my planner and dividers much more!