Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Using Letter Size Paper in Your Half Size Planner

It seems like a no-brainer - just fold the letter size sheet of paper in half, punch holes, and place in your planner, right?  I've tried these three different ways of using whole sheets of paper in my planner:

Like mentioned above, fold the paper in half, punch holes along the left hand side (of both sheets), and put in my planner.  Not easy to open to see the whole page.

I've also punched holes along the 8½", place in planner and fold the paper in half to meet at the rings.  Don't like the paper overlapping the rings.

The third way is by not using the whole sheet at all - I've often retyped what I've been given on to a half sheet of paper or shrunk it to fit a half-size sheet. Not very convenient.

After reading Giftie's post on Temporary Planner Pages I started playing around with my paper and figured out how to store them and make them easily accessible

I take my sheet of paper (below I'm using my Sunday School notes), fold it in half and hole punch it through both layers.  Open the sheet up horizontally and place the left side in the rings and close it up.  Take your scissors and cut through the holes on the right hand side.  Now you will be able to completely fold over your paper and fit them into the rings.  I rounded the corner of the paper to make it easier to grab a hold of and lift the page up to read the entire page


  1. In my personal planner, I don't mind having extra holes. However, in my work planner this would drive me nuts. I punch the top, put in place and fold backwards (let's me see what it is.) To extend the tabs, I've cut slits in page protectors to allow for tabs. Yes, the page protectors add bulk, but now I've got 12 extra dashboards.

  2. I do have pages that are letter size and are kept that size for the planner. For the most part, I can simply fold them in half then fold the right hand half in half again to make it fit in the planner. If I just need to see what is on the page, I can leave the front side exposed and hole punch the top and bottom edges and keep it in the planner. I do that with materials lists for projects.

    Dianne in the desert

  3. I love this! I use half sheets I make as my planner pages, but sometimes I wish there was a bit more room for information. I think this is a great solution!

  4. I punch to the top of the page, fold i tin half, and then trim 1/2" off the bottom (edge without the ring holes). This allows them to fold without the second half hitting the rings. Most documents have enough border that cutting 1/2" of blank space isn't an issue.