Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Almost a Year: Using a Planner vs Not

Before I started using a planner, things actually got done around my house.  I never missed my quarterly appointment with my nephrologist, I got the boys to the dentist to have their teeth cleaned twice a year, I remembered my homeschool responsibilities and activities and I also kept up (fairly well) with my menu planning and daily tasks.  I did function without a planner, but I still experienced a fair amount of stress and worry.

My appointments were added to Google calendar and I tried to set it all up so that I would get alerts a day or two before such activities occurred, but inadvertently sometimes things didn't get added, alerts did not go off and I was always worried that I was forgetting something.

Using a planner has changed that.  Whether you use a full, half, personal or compact size planner, bullet journal or 3x5 cards, having a place to write things down and refer back to will ease your mind in ways you didn't think possible.

Beyond appointments and due dates, the thing that has helped me most is being able to write myself notes for the future.  I've had my nephrologist appointment in my planner for the past four months for today and when I reviewed my weekly page, I saw the note I also added:  "Have a light breakfast around 6am".  I'm glad I wrote that down!  No heavy meals before my CT!  Write yourself lots of notes - you'll be glad you did.

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  1. The little note thing is something I've never really considered, but you are exactly right. Those little notes really help.