Friday, June 5, 2015

Hacks For When You Make "Typo" Mistakes in Your Planner

From time to time I will write things in my planner on the wrong date and it drives me crazy!  I don't want to scribble it out because I don't like it looking messy - I don't even like the way correction tape or White Out looks - so what to do (besides using erasable pens because I prefer felt felt tip)?

Here's what I started doing that works for me:  I take care of the mistake as if it was an appointment or task that I have competed.  For me, that means I check it completed and highlight it and then I make sure I write it again on the correct date.  Sure I know that it was a mistake, but seeing it follow the same layout of all my other tasks makes it not bug me as much.

If I have misspelled a word or some other mistake, sometimes I will cover it with a narrow post it note and just write it again.  Since post it notes are a common sight in planners, it too doesn't bother me to disguise my mistake in that way.

How do you cover up mistakes in your planner?  Please share them with us in the comments below.


  1. Awesome! I write in pencil so I can erase, but I'd much prefer writing with my different colored COOL pens! LOL


  2. I scissor out a strip of paper from a steno pad that is of a color similar to the planner page, then paste it down over the mistake with Elmer's glue. For corrections in the telephone/address section, I scissor out an identical section from a spare address page and paste it over.

  3. Frixion pens, my new fave. Every once in a while my trusty Pink Parker pen makes a showing. Then the correction tape is never far away. White on white doesn't bother me, but strips of colored stickies or masking tapes, would drive me bonkers. Besides, my colored pens are pretty.

  4. I use pencil on my weekly inserts.

    On my monthly inserts I use ink and color code for extracurricular activities and my client's schedule. If something gets cancelled I color in the circle with whatever color it was for that person. I don't make many mistakes though in my planner lol I am very careful with it!

    However, I really like the post it idea :) will probably use it!