Monday, June 29, 2015

Save Your Appointment Cards!

I am sure I first read this suggestion on Giftie's blog and thought I didn't need to follow this tip because I always remember to write things down in my calendar.  Ha!

My mom and I schedule our appointments together (we're both transplant patients) and last night I called to talk to her about what time I would pick her up and other plans.  When we were about to hang up, I said "I'll see you tomorrow".  She asked why and I was a bit confused - because we're going to Vanderbilt I told her and she responded, but that's Tuesday (forgive my lack of quotes).

Right there on my calendar, on the 29th, I had all the details of our appointments.  She had it down on the 30th. Hmmm.  I started looking through the cards in my planner and found the above appointment card; notice it says "mom" on this one,  threw mine away but kept hers in case she wanted it.  Looks like she was right, my appointment isn't until the 30th.  I am so thankful I had that card so I could confirm the correct date.  As it turns out, I had the correct date in my future pages but transferred it to the wrong date on my weekly pages.  A good case for confirming your appointment a few days before!

Those appointment cards don't take up much space, go ahead and keep them - stick them in a planner pocket or clip them to your monthly calendar - one day you might be glad you did.

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  1. Another reason why I love getting the reminder phone calls! Though I do tend to keep appointment cards (I hardly ever get them, so why not hold on to one card?).
    I feel like this is something that we all say "oh, I'll never do that!", and yet I'm sure we have all done something similar at one point or another! I have - kept thinking our move out inspection was on a Tuesday (and went a whole week thinking that, stressing out over it, etc), only to see on my calendar it was on Wednesday...deep breath and everything was better (one more day is one more day, you know!).