Monday, June 15, 2015

The Fridge Weekly Planner [printable]

Click Above to Download

If you need help keeping up with things but have no desire to carry or work in a planner - this printable for your fridge might work for you.  List all the things you need to do by the check boxes.  Write in events with a date in the right column.  I suggest a monthly wall calendar near your fridge to keep up with future dates.

Your whole family can even use this printable!  I wouldn't want anyone else to use it but hey, that's me!    Sometimes husbands think it is okay to write on if it is posted on the fridge.  Color code it if you want, or have other family members use their initials if it is something they want to remember to do.  Chances are, they will all want YOU to do it!  :D

PS - This it totally NOT an original idea.  I saw something similar on Pinterest and tweaked it for my own use.


  1. I can't download this as it says it's in the bin! Can you the?