Monday, June 1, 2015

Using Backward Planning to Remember "Big Things"

I do a lot of backward planning, but didn't know until recently that it was actually a "thing".  Maybe you do, too.

I faithfully write down bills due in my monthly calendar and even transfer them to my weekly pages but that doesn't always prepare me fully for bigger bills that are only due 2x year.

For example:  insurance payments.  They are usually larger and need more time to plan for them than monthly bill that would simply come out of the monthly budget.  That's where I plan backwards.

As noted in the image above, I go 1 week (or more) back from a due date and write in a reminder that a bill is coming soon.

You can also due this with other things such as projects, gatherings or holiday prep.  How do you use backward planning?  Do you call it something else?


  1. I like reminders like that, too, but I didn't realize it had a name. I just always figured they were just reminders!

  2. Great tip! I just started following you... never thought to plan backwards for the holidays or other big events, makes sense!

  3. I already do this accidentally.. Lol my daughter sees a few different specialists every few months and I always put a reminder on my monthly page the month before she needs to go for a follow up and then once the appointment is scheduled I have a page flag that goes week to week letting me know the appointment is coming up :)

  4. I think this is commonly know as Ticklers - to tickle your memory that something is due. I have a double sided sheet of paper in my planner - the front is the monthly bills by date. The back is the annual bills by month.