Tuesday, June 9, 2015

You Need Sticky Notes!!

Well, possibly you don't need sticky notes but they are well-used item in my planner!  Here's a few ways I used them:
Used here as a reminder to take care of a specific chore daily until it becomes habit.

A homemade dashboard full of sticky notes - always ready to grab!

In the beginning (of using a planner), I used small notes to help with my weekly menu planning. 

These meal ideas followed the menu pictured above.

Extra chores that aren't an everyday occasion.  I grabbed a few to put on my to do list and some for my boys chore list

A plastic sleeve (made from packaging) with more sticky notes!

This sticky note functioned as a "someday we need to..." list - placed in my future pages.

We live 20 minutes out of town so my hubby often calls me after work to ask if we need anything.  This list gets my brain started.

A middle of the week grocery list (things I probably forgot on my weekly run!)

Things I needed to contribute to a picnic  When I get to the store, I pull the list out of my planner and grab what I need.  I don't put these sort of items on my weekly run unless I know way ahead of time they are needed.

My current dashboard of sticky notes.

A sticky note covering up a mistake (I recently wrote about this on Friday).

Do you use sticky notes?  I'd be interested in knowing how many don't use sticky notes - and how you cope!!  [grin]


  1. I have been converted to the use of sticky notes in the past few weeks. But for silly reasons. I've started decorating my pages, and so plans for future weeks (that aren't worth writing on the monthly calendar - like watching something a live stream on the internet), I put it on a sticky note, so that when it comes time to decorate that week, I don't have writing to work around!
    Plus, I have a rather large (in my eyes, anyway) collection of sticky notes and page flags, I might as well get some use out of them!

  2. I mostly use sticky flags for meal planning. I write each main dish on a flag and add it to a "parking lot" page. One color for main dishes, another for sides. Then when it's time to plan meals, usually before a grocery trip, it's as simple as moving it to the appropriate day. Say I don't feel like Sloppy Joe's on Monday, I can safely move that to another day because I know the ingredients are in the pantry.
    I also use them for repetitive tasks. I don't need a record of when I watered the plants, so I can just move that task over.