Friday, July 24, 2015

A-Z Hack to Remember Information

The great thing about using a planner is that you can develop a method to remember almost anything. I realized this was one of my methods when I discovered I was using it often.

I use a set of A-Z dividers in the back of my planner to keep up with projects and frequently used pages (other/older/less used pages are filed in a separate binder using the same A-Z dividers).  The last time I took my boys to get their hair cut, the stylist asked me did I remember what size guards we used last time.  I did not but when she figured out it was a size 4 I wrote it down on the back of the "H" divider page.

Today my hubby told me he didn't remember what size air filter to get and would have to take it down to get the right size.  I asked him to tell me the size and wrote it down behind the "A" divider (and I told him to ask me next time)

Sometimes you need an extra level of protection where it wouldn't be prudent to write "safe combination" under S and you'll have to find a method for that.  Giftie suggests taking the number and adding "1" to each.  For example:  5472 becomes 6583.  Sometimes I just write a number behind a certain divider and trust I know what it's about!

Do you do anything like this?


  1. What a great idea!! Currently I don't have a system for anything and I'm trying really hard to figure out what I need.

  2. I do this to my security questions for websites and stuff. When they ask for first car or something like that, I come up with an answer that only I would think of. Example: City you were born in? Instead of putting New York, put Apples, because New York is known as the Big Apple. Makes your web accounts just a bit safer.

  3. This is a brilliant idea. I don't use a binder type planner, but I think this could easily be implemented just on notepages in the back of the one I use.