Friday, July 10, 2015

Finally, a Goodwill Find!

I am on several Facebook planner groups and it seems like someone is always posting a great planner deal they found a Goodwill.  We don't have one in my town but when I visit Tennesee, where my family lives, I always try to check.  This week I found this planner:

This did not have a name on it and although there were some inserts inside, there was no indication as to where they came from.  It looks in near perfect condition and I was so geeked to only spend one dollar on it (it was marked two dollars but it had an orange tag which meant that day it was half off).

The inserts inside measured exactly 3 x 5" – small, I know. It has slots for cards on the left side and I thought I would like to try it out as a wallet.

I thought about making new inserts but since I don't plan to use it in detail, The inserts they came with it will work just fine. Of course, you know me I had to make some new dividers! The only thing I have written down on my pages are scheduled appointments – places I need to be at a specific time. I always carry my planner with me but when I am out and about, my wallet is in my hand more often so if I need to refer to a time or jot down a quick note. I have a little tab for future dates in case someone throw something at me and my planner is in my hands and there is a section for notes. We will see how it goes!


Example of a weekly page.

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