Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fold Out Month at a Glance - August 2015

Using a fold out monthly calendar worked extremely well for me this month.  So well that I made another one for August. Last time it was an 8½ x 5½" calendar on one side of a letter sized page.  That left a lot of blank space, so this month I added places for notes.

Print page one, flip it over and print page two.  Hole punch the left side of page one (the page with the calendar) and place in your planner.  Fold the page over until it just meets the rings.  I open my planner to my WO2P and open up the monthly calendar so I can see both views.  When I am finished, I fold the page over to my current spread.  The monthly calendar also acts as a bookmark of sorts since it sticks out slightly from the other pages.  If you have any questions, let me know!


  1. Love being able to see the monthly spread and the weekly at the same time!

  2. love the fold out calendar are you going to make one for every month?