Sunday, July 5, 2015

Folded Month at a Glance [printable]

I'll admit, the folder inserts you see around these days intrigue me.  I like the concept and I like being able to see my weekly spread along with the month.  What I don't like is trying to write on the page that folds out - it's awkward!

However, as I was going over my July calendar, I realized how jam-packed it got all of a sudden and I was flipping back and for from my weekly and monthly calendars.  On a whim, I printed out a pre-made calendar from my desktop publishing software and filled in my July calendar. This month, it works.

That's what planning is all about - the little tweaks that make your planner work for you.  I went ahead and made a pdf of the calendar and if you want to give a try, you can print it here.  Punch the holes on the left side and place it in your calendar.  Fold the right side over until it barely touches your rings, and fold.  I put mine as the last page of my weekly pages and folded it over my current week.


  1. Welcome to the "folded" world. I've done this for the last couple months. Mine unfold to the left, so my Wo2P spread opens on the right. I love the way I now get the view of the month and week at once. So much less slips by.

  2. Very nice, Becky. Once again you nail it. But once again I won't use your work because your weeks start on Sunday. And I'm not a Christian, so I prefer a Monday start. But I'm sure you'll make a lot of people really happy. Cheers.