Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Felicities: Back To School Edition

Friday Felicities is all about things that make you happy and was started by my friend Nattie. She knew the value of counting your blessings. Nattie has been a resident of heaven since 2007. I miss her a lot.

Things That Make Me Happy:

  • buying new school supplies (yes, I am that person)
  • making new school planner inserts
  • new routines and schedules (yes, still that person)
  • the promise of Fall and cooler days
  • two healthy, happy pre/teenagers who [mostly] like school
  • one month until Friday School starts back!
  • a play date hanging out with an old school buddy
Feel free to participate on your blog, your Facebook, in my comments, or on a to-do list.  Please also feel free to leave a comment or link your blog (whether you "participated" or not)!

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