Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Reader Request: Week on 2 Pages for MTN [printable]

A reader asked me to make a personal size insert for her MTN with 5 days on one side, two on the second page with a dot grid filling the rest of the page.  This is what I attempted to do - remember, I have never made MTN inserts nor have I even seen one. Someone will have to tell me if it is even close.

Unfortunately the reader did not leave a correct email and I can't send this to her.  There are others of you who have made a request that have not left enough details for your insert, failed to give the correct email address, or have given only a partial address.  That is probably why you haven't received a response from me!

Download the above insert HERE. (the link has been corrected)


  1. With the way my life is going lately, this is one of the best layouts. I love your vertical layout, but the extra writing space (I use a FC Compact) would allow for more detail. I really like to see the weekdays in one place. Helps to keep the weekends as more special time.

  2. Hi becky...I love your inserts. But this I can´t get on download.
    Sorry about my English...I am a brazilian woman and my English is not very good.

  3. Thank you - I have corrected the link.