Thursday, August 6, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

A year ago this month, I was sharing the August week-at-a-glance inserts that I had made for my new planner.  Check out those huge, colorful tabs!  My style has definitely changed since then.  Since then I have gone to a Week on 2 Pages spread (and my tabs have changed drastically).

Has your style changed over the past year?


  1. So many style changes in the past year xD I started all this stuff up again about this time last year (maybe a bit later in the month, though), and it was just whatever I could find on the internet, though I started with just a regular binder. Either my searching skills got better, or more stuff has come out in the past year, because I have amassed a rather large collection of insert printables, as well as having made some of my own!

  2. Although I've gone from a monthly/daily to monthly/weekly format, either vertical or horizontal, the system has really not changed. Makes me happy to find things where I expect them to be.