Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What's New in My Planner

As you can see, trying to use my planner without any dividers didn't work at all for me, so I put them back in.  I still do not have my dividers labeled but since I only have five, that is not a problem for me.  I recently changed the order of the dividers by putting my project section in front and it is working out.

Here is the order of my planner contents:  note paper, projects, weekly, monthly, future, tasks, and A to Z Notes (or Files).  I normally want to do everything the way Kristy at Giftie Etcetera does, but the sticky tabs weren't working for me with the project and A-Z pages, so I sacrificed space and am started using two sets of A to Z tabs - and I like them; I still use her method of indexing my pages.

So, where are my Future Pages?  I have put them in my projects section under the "EF" tab, and even though F comes after E, my Future pages are the first thing I come to when I go to that tab, to make it even more accessible.

I no longer have a dashboard of sticky notes, but have stashed a couple of pads in different sizes in the inside pocket of my planner.  Sometimes I'll sticky notes to myself on the notepad so I see it first when I open my planner.  If I use a daily page, it still goes in the front of my notepaper.


  1. You have to use what works for you! That is what changes a planner from a novice to an expert! :)

  2. every one has different ways they do things. My weekly calendar goes in front, followed by my monthly, then tasks, notes, and budget. My notepad is at the very back, but I keep sticky notes and index cards in the front pocket of planner for quick notes to self.

  3. My biggest problem with your A-Z system is mine got to big for my planner! LOL I now have a 3" think Levenger (letter size) full of notes that I thought were important. Of course, ask me when the last time I actually looked at that notebook! I will be taking it out of mothballs and adding any needed information to my Evernote notebook and tossing the paper! More laughter is expected soon when I see what I thought was important back then!