Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 Days of Planner Fun 2015

I thought long and hard about whether or not I felt like I could commit to writing another 31 Days series and only decided today, October 1st.  I wrote on the same topic one year ago, shortly after I had begun using a planner.  Lots of ideas flowed and I had no problem filling up the 31 days.

This year?  Well, it might not be as easy but I do have enough ideas to get me going - the main one being how my planner use has changed after one year.  I also want to talk about what kind of impact using a planner has made in my life.

Last year I prescheduled many of my blog posts - I had that much to say!  This year I hope to at least blog on weekdays.  It's all a bit of flying by the seat of my pants.  Feel free to jump on in when you can for posts, links, printables and tips.

Bookmark this page and get all the posts in the series as they happen.  Want to browse 31 Days of Planner Fun, 2014?  Click Here.

Day 1:    31 Days of Planner Fun Introduction
Day 2:    What Kind of Planner Are You?
Day 3:    Planner Dashboards
Day 4:    My Surprising Confession: I'll Never Use Them All!
Day 5:    A Little Something For You
Day 6:    1 Planner - 5 Dividers
Day 7:    My Current Menu Planner
Day 8:    Tracking TV In Your Planner
Day 9:    Something I Learned From My Blogging Break
Day 10:  My Favorite Tool
Day 11:   Feeling Overwhelmed?  Try a Daily Plan
Day 12:   Week on Two Pages Tweak
Day 13:  Giftie Etcetera
Day 14:  The Importance of a System for Successful Planning by Giftie Etcetera
Day 15:  Favorite Giftie Tips and Posts
Day 16:  Mini Daily Page Insert
Day 17:  Using Your Planner as a Wallet or to Replace Your Purse
Day 18:  Pumpkin Notes Printable
Day 19:  Planner Fun is a Winner!
Day 20:  Using Your Planner to Track Your Finances
Day 21:  November Folded Calendar
Day 22:  Enter to Win a Custom Insert
Day 23:  It's Back!  The One Day Minimalist Thanksgiving Planner
Day 24:  The Post Where I Express My Love For Planners
Day 25:  Why The Half Size Planner Is My Favorite
Day 26:  The Daily Mini Page Revisited
Day 27:  Track Everything!
Day 28:  Don't Forget This - Thanksgiving Daily Page
Day 29:  Simple Planner Hack Using Binder Clips
Day 30:

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