Thursday, October 15, 2015

[31 Days 15] Favorite Giftie Posts and Tips

Before you read on, if you haven't visited Giftie's blog, you need to go there right away and bookmark it or add it to your favorite news reader.  Let's just jump on in:

Write down appointments in one dedicated place.  I write down my appointments on my weekly pages and my monthly pages but my monthly pages is my dedicated to place.  New appointments get written down there first and are then transferred to weekly pages later.  If I don't get through with the transferring, that's okay because I know where I can always find them for sure.

Future Pages are one of my favorite discoveries!  I only keep 3-6 months of monthly pages in my planner - so what if I make an appointment 7 months out?  Future Pages!!  Check out Giftie's YouTube video on this subject.  #Genuis       Handling Future Pages in a Planner

What Can I Put in My Planner?  This is the article you want to read because it has lots of great ideas on the different ways you can use your planner.  Beyond the Calendar - New Ways to Use Your Planner

A to Z files - both the Projects section and the Files or Notes section use the idea of A to Z files.  This is how I finally learned how to not create a new divider for everything I needed to keep in my planner.  Both use an index to show what is included in the section and they are filled alphabetically, which makes them easy to find.

Double Punched Planner Inserts [video] - Another genius idea, in my opinion!  This hack works well with daily pages, future pages, and any other information you always want facing you (right side) when you open your planner.

Seriously, her blog is full of so. many. wonderful tips for your planning process.  It is a must read.

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  1. You make me blush! I'm full of ideas, but have no clue how to make printables, so I am always impressed when you do that so well.