Friday, October 16, 2015

[31 Days #16] Mini Daily Page Insert [printable]

Yesterday I needed a daily page but didn't really want a full page so I threw together this mini daily page.  I have to admit up front that I purposefully did not create even margins all around.  The left side is .05" to allow for ing clearance, and because it is half of a half page, I barely have a margin at all on the right side so I have plenty of space to write.  My goal here was function and even though the uneven margins make me a wee bit crazy, I've decided I can live with it!

This insert comes with 4 mini-pages on letter-size paper.  You can download it HERE.


  1. Oh, great insert! I like the margins.

  2. love the look of this insert and looking forward to giving it a go. Thanks for creating and sharing!