Saturday, October 17, 2015

[31 Days #17] Using Your Planner as a Wallet or to Replace Your Purse

On any given day you will find these items in my purse:  my planner (always), keys, lip balm, mints ,(sometimes), and a small makeup bag with insulin supplies if I'm eating away from home.  I've heard planners talk about using their planner as a wallet, but what about using it to replace your purse?  I don't carry a lot, so that might work for me but I know some of you can fill a bag up (not mentioning any names of course, Giftie)!

Last week I experimented with doing this as I headed out on an errand.  I carry an 8.5 x 5.5" and it has card slots on both the front and back inside pockets.  I put in my debit card, drivers license, insurance cards and library cards.  Numerous pockets to tuck in some cash - I even popped my phone into one of the oversized pockets.  I often put my keys in my front pocket but this time I looped it through the magnetic strap closure and fastened it.

It worked quite well for me but I think I will feel safer if I carry the keys in my pocket or clip them to my planner rings somehow.  When I need to take my makeup bag, I will probably just put it and my planner into my purse because I don't want to be carrying multiple things in my hands.

I love the idea of using my planner as a wallet.  Someday, I think I would like to experiment with using a personal size, especially since it is about the size of a normal wallet.

Have you ever used your planner as a wallet or to replace your Purse?


  1. I've debated this plenty. I could easily put my cards into my wallet, and they would be fine. But it's the keys and phone that I have nowhere to put. I have the car keys, and then a lanyard that holds the house key (we only have one key for the truck, so it is on a ring of it's own with the remote to unlock the door), and women's pants pockets are just not meant for holding keys *and* a phone! While I could have a smaller purse if I put my cards into my wallet, and therefore needing to carry one less thing with me, I still need the keys in my purse in the pocket they ought to be in. Too much else to worry about while out and about, in my opinion!

  2. I use to use my personal size Daytimer as a wallet I miss that since switching to an Arc system. I also carried a small phone/wallet/wristlet that I attached my keys to. It wristlet had a a few slots for cards that if I needed bare minimum I would slid my debit card and i.d. in it.

  3. I have used a compact zipped Malden, pocket zipped Malden and a plethora of mini's as wallets. I am currently using my Mia Cara as a wallet/planner combo and loving it :-)

  4. Have been using compact zipped Malden as wallet for some years now. Phone in outside slip pocket. Works a treat. I'd be lost without it.