Tuesday, October 20, 2015

[31 Days #20] Using Your Planner to Track Your Finances

I suppose there are a dozen different ways to use your planner to track your finances but I today I am going to share with you the way my husband and I track ours.

First of all, all of our bills are entered into Google Calendar and are set up to repeat as they are due (weekly, monthly, etc.).  I do this to print out a current calendar for my husband every month so he has his own copy to refer to, and if (heaven forbid) I am every out and about without my planner and I need to know when something is due (sometimes I forget), I almost always have my phone with me and I can refer to my calendar that way.

Not only do I list appointments on my monthly calendars, I always list the bills that are due and pretty much for the same reason:  so I have a dedicated place for them to land.  I guess I am triple-protected because I also have a master list of bills in my project pages.

Every first of the month I transfer appointments and bills due to my weekly pages.  I glance at the week to come and plan accordingly how to pay those bills (automatic withdrawal, online, during errands, etc.)  I like having them on my weekly pages the best, and even though I don't really color code, I often write the bills in red on my weekly pages.  Once they are paid, I highlight them.

Paying the bills is a joint venture in our household and my husband really appreciates the fact that I am so organized with my planner.  It's a worthy tool in his opinion and he even asks me to make notes in it that helps him (such as a reminder to call a client on a specific day later in the week)

Do you use your planner to track finances?

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