Sunday, October 25, 2015

[31 Days #25] Why the Half Size Planner Is My Favorite

Although I hope to try different sizes in the future, a half size will probably always be my favorite.  It is not so large that I can't carry it with me, nor is it too small to hold the information that I like to have close at hand.  For someone who loves to make her own inserts, a half-size planner is the perfect size because you can always get two inserts on one letter-size page.

I have never been a big purse person; as a matter of fact, when I get a new purse, I often wonder what I can put in it other than a wallet, keys, and lipstick.  Now that I carry a planner, I make sure that it is at least big enough to hold the planner and then .fit the other items around it.  A small planner would not work for me at this time during my life because there are a number of things that I need to keep near.

Probably one of the reasons that I have put off trying any other size planner is the fact that creating the inserts would require more work on my part - namely in the cutting of the pages.  The personal size planner is what I would like to try next.  I have made some inserts for others and have cut them to test them out - it isn't too bad but of course it didn't go as fast as I wanted.

So, room to carry all the things I want is the reason I carry a half-size planner - and let's not forget the fact that half-size inserts allow you to write bigger and more than you would on a smaller size planner - and that's important to me.


  1. For 20+ years the half-letter (FC Classic) was my size. With homeschooling, Girl Scouts, Youth Group and sports, along with being CEO and main taxi driver, that book got a workout. Last year I took the plunge and downsized to a Personal size W2P. Talk about culture shock. I ordered the FC Compact, and fell in love. I've found my Goldilocks size. Creating, adapting, and printing my own inserts has opened a whole new world. Two passes through the paper cutter, hole punch and they're ready.

  2. Cutting Personal size pages can be quite a pain in the rear, which is why whenever I need to do it, I try and do so in bulk, so I don't have to again for a while! But, then again, I only have a single hole punch, so comparing punching holes versus cutting time, the holes part takes so much longer! I started with a half size planner, and loved it, but it was a bit cumbersome to take about (my purse as big enough, but it was awkward dealing with while out and about). Plus, I don't really have a ton that I need to take with me, which I feel lucky for, so a smaller size easily holds everything I would ever need (and more, really).
    In making my Personal inserts, I tend to layout the page to print on letter size so that the margins on the left and right are the size needed to punch holes, so it's only a matter of chopping the top, bottom, and the left/right side - and then end up with a strip in the middle of the page that is slightly narrower than Personal size that could be punched and used as scratch paper.