Thursday, October 29, 2015

[31 Days #29] Simple Planner Hack using Binder Clips

I have a "Today" clear bookmark in my weekly pages but I use it more as a mini-dashboard for post it notes than I do to mark my place.  To go directly to my current weekly spread, I clip all my previous pages (and the left side of my current spread) to my divider.

I used to use a paperclip to do this but recently I received some colorful binder clips as a gift so I am using those.  It has worked out perfectly, and that is the hack part.

Binder clips are perfect for holding your pages together, as mentioned above.

Binder clips are good bookmarks, just flip up one of the side clips. The side clips don't get in the way of writing because you can flip the sides up.

Binder clips can hold extra information, especially if you don't have much pocket space, and this is what got me thinking about all the great uses of using these clips.  Over the weekend I got a letter from my doctor, rescheduling an appointment.  I couldn't process it in my planner at the time so I clipped it to my current spread so I wouldn't lose it.  It worked perfectly!

Binder clips!

(I have heard that some have even used binder clips to hold their pens when a pen loop wasn't available)

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  1. Binder Clips! I have used these things for years in many different applications and sizes. Using them in my planner(s) should be a "no brainer", right? How come I didn't figure this out a long time ago? I even have them in pretty colors! Thank you once again, Becky. I learned something new -- again.