Sunday, October 4, 2015

[31 Days #4] My Surprising Confession: I'll Never Use Them All!

Thank goodness I don't decorate my planner - I would collect and spend a fortune on all the colorful stickers and other embellishments.  How do I know?  Let me tell you about the 3 things that I do collect.  I don't use them for decorations and I have plenty, but I still can't stop buying them!

1. Pens & Highlighters

It must be the color thing that propels me to keep added these to my collection.  In my own defense, I might add that several of these pens and highlighters were "Secret Sister" gifts from some of my homeschool moms.  In my planner I use a Sharpie pen (not marker) to do most of my writing - I occasionally use a red one to write in something I want to stand out.  I use a highlighter to cross through items when they are completed.  To justify the amount of pens and highlighters I use, I often switch out the colors I am using.   <grin>

 2. Clips, clips, and more clips!

Just like above, some of these were gifts as well, but I have purchased several of them myself!  I use these clips to mark pages I want to get to quickly.  For example, I have several pages of weeklies in my planner.  I clip all used pages together to the weekly divider and am able to go right to today's date.  I do the same thing with my monthly pages.  I have used all the styles of these clips at one time or the other in my planner -  love those oversized clips!

3.  Sticky Notes

Ah, well - these things are more like an obsession.  I also have these in several different shapes and I use them all over my planner.  I have more of these than I will ever use but at least I have choices, right?  Some of these have been gifted to me as well.


  1. omg the post-it notes! And I thought I was a hoarder... You win! I love your clips collections, I'd love to have some but sadly it's not a thing you can easily find in my country :/

  2. And you just described the mess in my desk drawer I am so happy to know I'm not the only one.