Tuesday, October 6, 2015

[31 days #6] 1 Planner - 5 Dividers

When I first started planning, I asked a lot of people what sections did they use in their planner.  My first planner had a gazillion dividers because I thought I needed a section for each area of my life.  I had a "celebrations" tab where I put information on birthday parties, Thanksgiving gatherings, etc.  I had a section for passwords, a section for shopping and online orders...the list goes on and on.  No wonder it kind of frustrated me - it had too much stuff in it!

Today I have 5 sections in my planner, in this order:

  1. Projects (includes my Future Pages)
  2. Weekly Pages
  3. Monthly Pages
  4. Tasks
  5. A to Z Notes
1. Projects - the first time I ever saw the "projects" on planner inserts or mentioned in planner articles, I immediately thought they were for corporate executives who had real projects they had to work on.  Now I see them in a whole new light.  My projects file contains items that I currently refer to on a semi-regular basis (a blog to-do list, an info sheet on my kids retainer, etc.), and I use A to Z dividers to keep them organized.

A Note on Future Pages - I learned about Future pages from Giftie, and for a long time I had a whole section devoted to them.  I am currently trying out using them in my project section.  They inserted first behind the "F" tab so I can get to them quickly.  

2. Weekly Pages - My favorite weekly layout is a week on two pages.  I recently made a small tweak to mine - the left page has 3 days, starting with Monday.  On the right side I have Thursday and Friday and at the bottom, Saturday and Sunday are side by side.

3. Monthly Pages - I use a month on two pages for my layout.

4. Tasks - Lists and more lists go here:  a honey- do or project list for my husband, spring cleaning lists, chore lists - that sort of thing.

5. A to Z - this is like an archive for my projects.  I don't refer to these files regularly but I want them nearby when I need them (info on a software program I bought and use regularly, birthday list, etc.)

I haven't labeled my tabs because I'm afraid I will mess them up and not be able to redo them.
As it turns out, with only 5 tabs, I haven't needed the labels.

As you might be able to see already, the info I placed behind the many dividers I created in the beginning, are now often placed in projects or my A to Z file, cutting out the need for those gazillion dividers.  Special bookmarks or clips can be used to call attention to a frequently used page, or one you need to access quickly.

You can find a wide variety of the weekly and monthly pages that I have made by visiting my Freebies Page.


  1. I think I have 4. I've removed the labels, because things just progress from one section to another. Information flows from the "Capture" into the Calendar, then into the A-Z File. I also have a "Focus" section, but I haven't decided if it should be after the Files, or up front. That's another reason for no labels...I move things around a lot. It would drive me nuts to have tabs out of order.

  2. Putting Future in the Projects section is a great idea. I don't think I could ever find it (since I'd have to unlearn where I put it now), but for new set-ups, that is a brilliant idea!

  3. Great minds do think alike! I purchased a set of custom dividers when I got my new planner. I actually have six, which is fine because I now have a place to keep my "Projects (present and future). The extra section is used for a local charity because I coordinate their transit program. It holds the vehicle information, insurance, service schedules, etc.