Friday, October 9, 2015

[31 Days #9} Something I Learned From My Blogging Break

I am a better planner when I am blogging about planners.

School hit in August (remember, I am a homeschooler) and my life got very busy for awhile with school planning and other activities.  I put my blog on the back burner so I wouldn't feel so pressured to accomplish everything by the end of the day as well as try to blog everyday as well.

The pressure was definitely off but then my planning slacked.  I stopped writing everything down.  I quit looking at my planner everyday.  It was a mess.  Apparently, keeping up with what is going on in the planning world was a good thing for me.  I realized this a few days into my 31 Days in October project.

So now here I am planning everyday.  I'm in my planner everyday and am writing things down.  What's the main lesson?  You have to make your planner an important part of your life.  You have to look at it everyday, several times a day.  You have to write things down.  You have to do the things that you have written down.

Your planner is not going to work for you unless you work your planner.

Lesson learned.

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