Tuesday, November 3, 2015

3 Ways To Use an Extra Column (or note space) in Your Planner

My weekly inserts hardly ever change. I am currently using one of my Giftie Inspired layouts.

There's plenty of space for what I need and it has a column on the inside that I have discovered (over time) that is a very valuable space

1. Mini To-Do List or Project Page

I am helping put together a small, casual "Home Blessing" for my newly married BFF on Sunday, after lunch. It is a simple affair but I do have a few responsibilities to track. I used the column (in the image above) to track the things I need to do

2. Track Anything

Occasionally I will check my blog stats and jot down the current page hits for my blog. It's also a good place to track your current weight, medication that needs to be refilled or outstanding checks.

3. Recurring Tasks

Instead of writing in "Take out trash" every single week, or "Fill Med Box", I write a few of those tasks down on Post It Tabs (another great tip from Giftie) and move it from week to week - that column is exactly the right space for my tabs.

Did you know that Giftie also has great blogging tips as well as planning tips? Thanks, Kristy for inspiring me to try something different with my blogging.

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  1. I love the idea of the sticky note of recurring tasks. I've been using the gray area of that particular insert for my DONE list. Seeing that area filled with unscheduled but completed tasks, gives me an endorphin whoosh.