Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Solution to Printing Personal Size Inserts

If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know two things about me:

  1. I use half-size (8.5" x 5.5") inserts in my planner.
  2. I have been on a quest to create quality personal-size inserts and learn how to print them properly
A couple of weeks ago, I thought I had found the solution to printing dated personal size inserts on any size paper.  Nope, I was wrong.  There are two solutions to printing them and only one of them is efficient:
  1. Print dated personal size inserts on personal size paper which should have been a no-brainer from the start (the efficient method).
  2. Print dated person size inserts on any size paper, but they must be centered and cut down.
So, I'm embarrassed that it has taken me so long to figure this out.  If I used personal sized inserts, I probably would have discovered this way before now.  I'll have to re-do the personal sized 2016 monthly inserts already on this blog but I'll get them up soon.

If I was a personal-sized planner user and wanted to print my own inserts, I would ask for paper for Christmas.  I would buy a ream of paper and take it to Office Depot or the like, and ask them to cut it down to personal- size (you can get three sheets from one 8.5 x 11 page).  It would last you forever!!

Thanks for putting up with my ignorance.  You should see some change in my personal sized inserts soon!

Seriously, my inserts need an overhaul with all the things I've learned in the past year - but one step at a time, right!?


  1. I am on the same path. I have now the personal pages, but my printer does not take the size. Which printer do you use to print on your personal pages?

    1. You can't cut paper down to personal size and feed it through your printer? Bummer! I have an inexpensive Epson printer.

  2. If your printer can take personal size paper, here's a suggestion. Go to a local commercial printer and ask them to cut down a few reams of paper on their professional guillotine cutter. They might even do it at no charge but the cost shouldn't be more than $5.00. The finished product will be so much better looking and feed much better through your printer.

  3. I bought a paper cutter and cut my own.