Thursday, December 10, 2015

Top Three List [printable]

Nearly all my inserts are developed from some sort of need of my own.  This "top three" insert popped in my head yesterday as I was contemplating all the things I'm behind on due to sickness.  There is really so much to do and eventually there comes a time where I am so overwhelmed that I just stopd and nothing gets done.

That's when the top three idea is usually started.  I make a list of just three things to do - and then I do them.  Add three more things and do them.  Calm returns and a plan develops

This insert was made for a more involved top 3 list.  There's 3 areas of my life that needs some constraining.  On this insert I listed them and then jotted down some notes on the graph paper of steps that I could take to show improvement  It's already helping.  You can download a copy HERE

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