Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Using Your Planner on Sick Days

ast week I spent from Monday afternoon through Sunday evening on the couch.  I left the house once to pick up my guys, only to come back home and head for the couch.  What illness caused me to be so incapacitated?  A cold.  Seriously - it wasn't the flu or pneumonia - just a cold.  In my defense let me say this, as a transplant patient without an immune system, things affect me differently than they used to.  I am glad I got a flu shot - I would hate to know what the flu feels like.

Okay, enough whining.

I didn't think that I would do any planning, but I kept it close just in case.  The blank pages started filling up with:

  • a reminder to send an email to the Recreation Center
  • a note to wrap presents for the boys school Christmas party
  • another reminder to take my monthly vitamin D
  • instructions from my doctor to increase a medication and repeat blood work in a month
  • a post it note with instructions to crochet a hot pad holder to use with the wood heater
The only new appointment that was added was the reschedule of an orthodontist appointment that I canceled because of sickness.

I felt really rotten and I didn't need the stress of trying to remember all these things to do, even if I could put them off for later.  I simply reached for my planner to jot down notes.

Do you keep your planner near at all times?


  1. At work, it stays on my desk. When I get home, I take it out of my tote and open it up on the little 'nook' desk in my bedroom. When I'm in my home office, I bring it in with me. The only place it doesn't come with me is in the kitchen or living room when having supper and watching tv with hub. If I'm alone, then I may keep it nearby.

    Hope you're feeling much better :)

  2. i keep my planner very close to me unless i am making a quick trip to the store. i just installed the Cozi family organizer app so i can have it on my phone for the rare occasions i dont have my planner with me

  3. I do keep my planner near. It is always beside me on my desk or on the end table next to my couch. Sometimes I will leave the house without and put a note in my phone if something comes up, immediately updating planner when i get home. But mostly it stays by my side.