Monday, December 21, 2015

Week on 2 Pages - Test Drive #2 [printable]

I don't think I'm jiving well with the column-style of week on 2 pages that I posted on Friday.  I think they are cute but half size pages just might not be wide enough for them.

Today I am sharing with you Test Drive #2.  They are similar to the style I usually use but instead of a narrow inside column, I've divided the days up in half.  The outside of the page has check circles and the inside column is blank - except for a line to write in bills due.  I've used this column for prayer requests, today's menu, and like I mentioned, bills due.  I also use it to make notes to myself

I like this one best so far and plan to test it out over the next few days.  Maybe this will be the one that I create for an entire year.  If you want to download the next two weeks, you can do so HERE.

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  1. Sorry, I keep receiving the error message '404' - page moved or deleted, so cannot download
    WO2P Test Drive #2 ...