Thursday, December 22, 2016

FREE! 2017 Week on 2 Pages

Although I have made and used a variety of Week on 2 Pages inserts, I always come back to these - and they are only inserts that I make into a dated set and share with you.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Where Was I?

Shortly after Thanksgiving, my boys got sick and then I caught what they had. You've heard mewhine about it before, but I'm a transplant patient with not immune system so things hit me differently than most people.  It was just a cold, but it really knocked me out.  I didn't create one single thing.  So, here we are almost 3 weeks later and I am wondering, where was I?

Obviously, I am still getting my act together and hope to come back strong in 2017.  Until then, I hope to have a few more things coming to you:

↔ The Bullets to Inserts series is still waiting in the wings.  I have some ideas for inserts that I hope to on very soon.

↔ More notepaper is also in your future.

↔ I'm 1/4 of the way through making my Week on 2 Pages for 2017 (8.5 x 5.5) and I will be sharing those with you.

↔ I'm in desperate need of 2017 monthly calendars - watch for those as well.

My Christmas Wish List:

↔ more visitors to Planner Fun

↔ comments that let me know readers are actually out there, downloading inserts and enjoying them

↔ feedback on what kind of inserts readers would like to see on the blog

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

List Your Blessings [free printable/insert]

This printable started out as notepaper but morphed into more of an insert.  Even on my worst days I always have something to be thankful for, and at Thanksgiving especially I like to ponder my blessings and list the things that I am most grateful for. I've made a special list for just that purpose and am sharing it with you.  [8.5x5.5]

Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Inserts

It's Thanksgiving Week at Planner Fun - one of my most favorite times of the year!  Thursday morning we will have 18 family members in our home for Thanksgiving lunch and a lot of preparation takes place in the days before.  I made these inserts two years ago and every year I change the date and use them again.  I hope you will be able to use them!

This is an old image - the dates are correct on the insert!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bullets to Inserts

I could spend hours on Pinterest looking at bullet journal layouts!  Each layout is made personally by the journal's creator to fit their own needs, and because of that, they are all so creative!  I've recreated a couple for my own personal use and in the past, shared some with you.  I am starting a new series where every week I will take a bullet journal layout and convert it to a planner insert.  Sometimes the insert will look very similar to the original and at other times it will be "based on" the original.

The first layout/insert in the series has actually been created two different ways.  The original is a one-page weekly layout that has a column for the days of the week and a second column that has an area for memorization (in her case it was scripture), to-do's, notes for next week, and task tracking - and I made one very similar to it.  The second layout is the same except I switched out the memorization part for areas for money matters and a "things we need" section.

Feel free to send me links to layouts you are interested in seeing converted.

In the future, you will see links to the original bullet journal layout.  In this case, the layout was found on Pinterest and posted as an image - no link to the original.  If you have seen this layout before and can direct me to the creator, I would be so grateful.

UPDATE:  I found the creator! She says this layout is a popular one. You can visit Christine to see more of her awesome layouts. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Free Thanksgiving Note Paper

Have you started making your endless Thanksgiving lists yet?  That is exactly what I will be doing this week - Thanksgiving will be here in just a little over 10 days!!

This note paper is perfect for your to-do's, sharing your Thanksgiving recipe or maybe even for sweet notes of thanks.

This note paper is formatted for planners that can use 8.5 x 5.5" inserts.  Please click here if you would like to download a copy.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Taking You Back: TV Episode & Series Tracker

For convenience sake, I watch my favorite television shows online and find that I am always asking my boys, "What episode are we on again?"  After realizing I was doing that, I remembered that I had created an insert two years ago to track television series.  I looked it up, printed it out and jotted down my favorites.  Let's go back in time to the TV Episode and Series Tracker.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Free Insert: Week at a Glance on Graph Paper

As I shared with you in September, I began using a week on one-page layout during the summer which also functioned as a dashboard or landing page. It's the very first sheet in my planner and is my go-to page to check dates and appointments.  Since school started back,I went back to using a 2-page weekly spread but so far I am still putting that week at a glance page to good use. [See it here]

This insert also has two boxes at the top to use however you wish and they also just happen to be the same size as a small post-it note.  If you want to check out this 8.5 x 5.5 sized sheet, you can download a copy below.

Every week as I change the date and print out my own copy, I will also share the dated copy here on the blog.  If you would like a blank template to fill in your own dates instead, go here to download.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Note to my Readers

This past June, my family went on an internet break until the election was over. We took this time to pray for our country and, as an added bonus, we were able to avoid most of the negatives from a presidential election.

But now I am back!  I have the internet back full-time and I am ready to blog again.  Actually, I've missed it quite a bit!  With homeschooling, I stay consistently busy, so I won't be posting every single day (at least not inserts), but hope to maintain a healthy balance with all of my responsibilities.

So, I hope you will stay tuned. Please feel free to send suggestions and ideas you would like to see on the blog.  Thanks for being patient with my absence - I hope to talk with many of you soon.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A New Week on One Page Insert

I know I have found a favorite insert when I have used it for more than three weeks in a row.  This insert is a favorite.

It has room in the weekly blocks to jot down bills due, important dates, and upcoming appointments.  There is not room for task lists, which I often do when using a week on two pages spread.  If I have a very busy day, I use a daily page for notes and reminders, or I will use a to-do app on my phone.

There are two blank blocks at the top of the page.  I use the one on the left to record financial information.  In the block above are upcoming homeschool fees.  Sometimes I will keep our checking balance in the block, or write outstanding check amounts (or both).

The right block perfectly fits my sticky notes (I might have planned that), and I am currently using that as a list that I add to during the week when I find something we need on our next shopping trip.  If you would like a copy, you can download HERE.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Using a Daily Page for 2 Days

Every four months I make a 5 hour round trip to Vanderbilt to see my kidney Doctor. My mom and I had transplants a year apart with the same doctor, so we coordinate our appointments. The day before (today) often requires a lot of planning and reminders, so this method of planning works well for me.

The tasks I need to complete for tonnage are listed on the left hand side of the page. Can you tell I want to remember not to take my Prograff!? I've written it in a couple of places. I have also noted, more than once, a reminder about lab procedures. I don't want to forget.

The time schedule on this page will be used  tomorrow. I'm keeping up with my mom's appointment, as well as 3 of my own. At the bottom of the schedule I've written down questions I want to ask my doctor. If there's one thing I've learned from Kristy at Giftie Etcetera, it's that you can use planner pages however works best for you - two days on one daily page works great for me in this situation.
Do you do anything similar with your planner pages?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Weekly Home & School Planner (homeschoolers)

Wow, it has been a long time since I've posted, hasn't it.  I feel like I ran out of ideas of things to create - I also ran out of time to create.  We've started our new year of school and I am teaching two highschoolers!  I am beyond busy!

The printable I am sharing with you today is something I made to help me in my everyday school and home plans.  The appointments still go on the monthly calendar and the things to do have been going on the daily pages, but since I keep my lesson plans with my everyday planner, I needed to have something front and center so I didn't have to keep flipping back and forth from my lesson plans to my weekly or daily pages.  This is what I came up with.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Planning with Your Smart Phone

I haven't felt inclined to make anything new lately. I can't even print my own planner pages from my laptop until I buy a printer cord (wireless printer, no internet...)  I bought a new iPhone a couple of weeks ago (6s plus - Ooh, shiny!) and until I get my planner act together, I'm using it to manage my life. So, I wanted to tell you about the apps I'm using to do that.

So, let's start with the Cakendar app. The first thing I did was to add all the bills due and set them up to repeat monthly. I also set some of them up to alert me a couple of days before they are due because no matter familiar you are with them, paying one on time can always slip your mind. We don't want to throw our money away to finance charges!

All appointments with a due date also go on the calendar. iPhones are good to provide places for notes, times, even locations. Mine even has a place to indicate travel time!

Another app I use it is Evernote. It's free and it is awesome. Basically you create notes into notebooks and notebooks into stacks. In the past, I have taken pics of my planner pages and archived them in Evernote - they're searchable. Since I'm currently not carrying my planner, I added a photo of my contacts, my future pages and my calendar for July. 

For tasks and to-do's I use the AnyList app. It is a free app but I upgraded to the premium version and have not regretted it. I can list my daily and weekly chores, divide them up in categories, show them all or just some. Look up this app and read all about it - I could never do it justice. 

This app also has an awesome menu planning ability. You can add recipes manually, copy and paste, or import them on your computer. On the app calendar I choose the meals/recipes I am going to prepare and click the ingredients I need or the whole recipe to the built in grocery list. It will make a note on the grocery list what recipe the ingredient will be used in which I find helpful. The grocery list can also be categorized by aisles, category, and stores. I love it. 

I miss the ability to add papers to my planner but like I said, taking a picture to add to Evernote works well. 

Do any of you use electronic planning?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Update: Where I've Been

I updated the Facebook page some so a lot of you might know about my dad.  He fell on the 9th of May and had to have emergency surgery to remove a clot from his brain.  The surgery was a success but he had a time waking up.  He developed pneumonia and things weren't looking good and we had to start thinking about hard things.  Then he woke up and responded some and we were encouraged.  He tolerated having the breathing tube removed and we were encouraged more - but then he started declining and on the 22nd he died.

My family are Christians and the deep sadness we feel is lessened by knowing that we will see him again some day, and our relief that he is not hurting and suffering is great.  However, now we are back to normal life and are finding our way through without Dad.

Tomorrow is Mom and Dad's 52nd wedding anniversary.  52 years of loving and taking care of each other.  I couldn't ask for a better example!

School is out and I have more free time.  I hope to be back soon with some more inserts and planner fun!  Thanks for hanging in there with me.

August 12, 1942  -  May 22, 2016

Friday, May 13, 2016

May Collaboration with Giftie Etcetera

For May, Kristy (Giftie Etcetera) took a printable of rows and columns and came up with four ways to use it. I especially like the way she used it for writing goals.  You can download the insert HERE and find Kristy's post here.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

What's Next?

Tomorrow, Giftie and I are posting our collaboration post for May.  Be sure to stop by her website to get the scoop, and then back by here to get the free insert.

My blog will be hit and miss for the unforeseeable future.  My dad had emergency surgery on Tuesday morning to remove a clot from his brain.  He is serious condition in ICU and hasn't yet awakened.  We're just waiting to see what happens.  Those of you who pray, I would appreciate yours!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Leaving Comments and Getting Replies

If you have ever left a comment or question on a Blogger blog and didn't receive a reply, there are a couple things you can do to increase the likelihood of your comment being seen.

1. Go into your Blogger profile and click "Show my email address."  If the blogger is getting an email notification of your post, she can reply to that notification and you will get a reply in your inbox.  

2. After leaving you question or comment don't forget to go back later to see if there is a reply.  If you don't think you will remember, subscribe to the post comments (image below) and you will be notified in your RSS reader when there has been a response.

3.  If you want to make sure you get a reply to your comment, leave your email in your comment.  Many don't want to do this because they do not want to get email spam.  I generally don't worry about spam because of Gmail's filters, but if this is a concern, you can right your email like this:  becky "at" gmail "dot" com.  Spam robots can't decipher this but the blogger will!

I personally wish I could hit reply to every notification and respond to comments and questions that way!  If the above options don't work for you, remember that there is a contact button on my site where you can enter a comment or question there.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Planner Setup Update

Moving my homeschool plans to my planner has made such a difference!  I have everything at my fingertips and this has made it a lot easier to keep up with grades and attendance, instead of "waiting till I get out my big binder" to record things.  Target recently had dividers that fit my planner on clearance so I bought a new set for $.88.  I put them in the back and now have a tab for William's lesson plans, Jonathan's lesson plans, grades, and attendance.  Handy.

Because of the space the homeschool plans take, I make more of an effort to keep my planner culled by archiving old weekly and monthly layouts.  Right now I am keeping them in an old leather planner but have started archiving them in Evernote (this makes them searchable).  There may be a post on this later!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Simple Thank You Note [printable]

I wanted something simple to send some thank you notes out, so I came up with this.  Print it on letter size paper and cut it up the middle - two to a page.  Click the image below to download.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tags & Future Pags - a Simple Hack

I use tags like the one in the image below to remind myself of recurring tasks.  Once the task has past, I move it forward to the next week - simple, yes?

So, where do you put your yearly tasks tags?  In your future pages! 

This works fine, but what if I just finished a yearly task in April, where do I put that tag (because I don't have my 2017 future pages yet)?  

This hack comes to you from Giftie Etcetera:  behind your future pages, insert a sheet of paper that says "2017 and Beyond."  You can park your tags there (be sure to write the date beside it) until you set up your future pages for the following year.

When you check your future pages for the new month, remove any tags waiting and put them on the appropriate daily or weekly page.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

No Spend May [printable]

Have you ever done a "No Spend" Challenge?  Some try going all month without buying Starbucks, while other may go the whole month buying only Gas and Groceries, and Bills.  A new month is beginning soon, so there's no time like the present.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week on 2 Pages with Time Block [printable]

This is practically identical to the layout I am using now with the exception of the schedule bar down the middle.  I'm not sure how this will work for everyone but in my head, it works.  I saw a layout on Pinterest with the time scheduling and thought I would like to try it since sometimes the tasks fill up the page, a schedule would block out my busy times.  Here's how I plan to use it:

Appointments or scheduled tasks are written on the appropriate time side and I circle the time.  I blocked the time two ways:  drew a box around the busy times (Tuesday) and I circled the time I would be busy and drew a line down when I would be through (Thursday)  Maybe this one would be a good one to send to Giftie so she could show us different ways to use it!

This layout is undated and formatted for a half-page insert.  Print on letter-size paper, flip and print the other side.  Cut down the middle and punch your holes!

Monday, April 25, 2016

50th Birthday Celebration and Giveaway!

Today I am 50 years old!  To celebrate making it this far, I am giving away a custom, dated, daily page!!  The winner will have the option of custom designing their own page or they may take one of my current undated daily pages and have it customized and dated.  How awesome is that?

Friday, April 22, 2016

A Different Type of Planner

When I was in college, I had my first encounter with a planner.  My friend Beth carried around a thick spiral notebook (about 8.5 x 5.5) where she wrote down everything.  I wasn't overly responsible (LOL) at the time and I never used a to-do list, much less a planner - but I was intrigued.

At the top of each page, she wrote the date and if I remember correctly, she just started writing the things she had to do, places she had to go, calls she had to make, etc.  Every time she finished something, she crossed through it.  I don't remember what she did if the list wasn't completed but I am assuming she moved it forward to the next day.  I don't remember questioning her about it but I would like to now!  I'm guessing she used a to-do list and a calendar.

Isn't that basically what your planner is?  My weekly pages double as my to-do list and my monthly calendar schedules my appointments.  I like my planner because it gives me flexibility and more space to plan in detail, but this method would work for many of those for whom the idea of choosing and using a planner makes them a little crazy.

At the opposite end of that crazy, ~grin~ it's at least a beginning place for those who like the idea of using a planner but don't know where to start.

  1. Buy a spiral-bound notebook, one with pockets would work even better.
  2. Buy a monthly calendar, where it being a pocket or wall type. 
  3. Write the date at the top of the first page and list the tasks that need to be done (wash the comforter, call the vet, pack up the winter clothes, etc).
  4. As they come up, write down appointments and date-specific items on your calendar (change air filter, dentist appointment, graduation, homeschool picnic, etc).
  5. Everyday consult your monthly calendar and add the day's appointments (and the tasks they may create) to your notebook.  You may have "3pm Graduation" at the top of the page, and "wrap gift" and "get directions" as related to-dos.
  6. Cross throw completed items and start a fresh page the next day
  7. Check the previous day for uncompleted tasks and add it to your new list.

After awhile, I would think you would begin to get an idea of how to expand that to a planner.  You might discover you need a dedicated section to keep a task list, or a place to keep notes you need for a later date.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Dashboard Set Up

Yesterday I mentioned that I like to use blank paper behind the zippered pouch as part of my dashboard, and just since then I've made a small change.

I've moved my list of bills all around my planner - from a bookmark in between my weekly pages to filed in my notes section.  The truth is, I want need it up front and center so I don't ever forget a bill!

So, I listed our bills along the right side of the page, printed it, and put it in my planner.  I put some note paper, that was trimmed to show the list, right on top of it.  When April is over, I'll tear out the month and start over with the next.  I can also use the space to the left of the list for notes as well.  The paper that I trimmed off is the perfect size for bookmarks for reminders in my planner.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

3 Things I Use the Most in my Planner

Dashboard:  Ask 3 different people what a planner dashboard looks like and you might get 3 different answers.  I consider the very first page of my planner my dashboard.  I've used thick card stock covered in stickies as a dashboard, graph paper only, and even my first divider.  Currently I am using a clear, zipper pouch as my dashboard.  I have a couple of pics of my boys inside, and sometimes I thrown in various things, such as a check that needs depositing or even a hair tie to pull my hair up.  I often use sticky notes on the outside for various reminders - something I need to see when I open my planner.

Weekly Pages:  When I first started using a planner, I had a week-at-a-glance page (on one page) inside but I never used it.  I didn't see the need when I had a monthly calendar - but then I began learning how to use a planner - now it's my most used section.

Homeschool Lesson Plans:  For the past 8 years or so, I have kept my lesson plans in a letter-sized binder.  When I started using a planner in 2014, I experimented with using an 8.5 x 5.5 planner (but not my planner) to keep my lesson plans.  I liked it okay but I found I didn't like keeping two separate planners.  This year I culled my planner and made room to host my lesson plans along with all my other everyday calendars and lists.

I love it.  Every few weeks I pull out the previous plans archive them in another planner/binder and this works well.  It just makes sense keeping up with dates and appointments, both home and homeschool together.

A Close Fourth would be my monthly pages.  I don't refer to them daily but several times a week.  At the first of the month I put all my monthly items into my weekly pages.  If something needs to be added in the middle of the month, I add it to both my monthly and weekly pages so nothing gets missed.

What is you number one, most used section of your planner?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I Also Like to Crochet!

When I was in the third grade, a family friend taught me how to crochet.  I made a few little things here and there (lots and lots of granny squares), but it wasn't until I was an adult that I started exploring more options.

Earlier this year, my friend Barb, and I started getting together to crochet and this baby blanket is one of the projects we worked on together.

It was a bit of challenge for me as we used a technique that I had never tried before.  I don't think either of us are raring to do another project like this for awhile but we were pleased with the way it turned out.

Tuesday's To-Do's [printable]

Years ago I was part of a email group made up of about 12 women who met online.  Our conversations were wide and varied, and also practical.  One day I emailed, "I have so much to do I don't know where to start.  I feel overwhelmed!"  That's when I learned a great technique (which was so very simple):  Make a list of 5 things you need to do (just five!) and then report back on your progress.

Listing only five things kind of took away the overwhelming part, and reporting back to my friends helped with the accountability.

Have you "liked" Planner Fun's Facebook page?  Next week I'll start a "List Five" post and we can try the technique out together.

Here's a Five-at-a-Time To Do List to get you started:

Monday, April 18, 2016

April Collaboration with Giftie Etcetera [printable]

Every month, Giftie Etcetera (aka Kristy) and I team up to bring you something special:  a new (free!) printable from me, and 6 ways to use it from Giftie.  This month, Kristy shows you some unique ways to use a 12 month tracker. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Task You Put Off - You Know the One

There it is.  The task that has been staring me in the face for several weeks now.  Reclast  is an IV treatment for osteoporosis that I am supposed to have once a year. That entry in my planner means  I have to call Vanderbilt and remind them that they have not called me to set up an appointment for July.  I've put it off because I've been dreading trying to coordinate it on the same day as another appointment (my doctor is 3 hours away from where I live).  It is going to be a long day and I'm dreading the day itself!

So everyday I am looking at this in my planner, moving it week to week until I actually do it.  That makes no sense at all!  The longer I wait, the bigger the chance is I can't make the appointment for the same day.  Do you have tasks like this?  Any tips?

For me, I finally decided I must do it and then tell someone else to make myself accountable.  Like now, I'm going to take care of this task today and then I am going to edit this post and tell you that I did it!  Keep me accountable!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What's the Big Deal About Kittens?

I have never been what I would call a "cat person."  I don't spend time looking at kittens online,  nor do I buy "I Love Cats" mugs and t-shirts.  They're okay, you see, I just never invested a lot of time pursuing them, but when a stray cat adopted us, my heart started to warm...

and then our cat had kittens.

They're so darn cute!  They are 4 weeks old and a ton of fun.  I'm not looking forward to finding them homes - I'm becoming somewhat attached.  Out of 5 kittens, we are keeping one and my mom is taking one.  I'd keep them all, but I truly do not want to become "the crazy cat lady".

Monday, April 11, 2016

Did You Notice the New Blog Name?

It's only a small change in the name but a slightly bigger change for the blog.  As the new byline says, my personal blog and my planner blog are merging together into one blog. 

As far as a blogging schedule, I don't know how that is going to go yet.  I did not blog much at all in March and I seem to be on the same path this month.  It didn't seem like it but then I looked at the calendar and realized that April is almost half-way gone already!

I won't bomb you with hundreds of pictures of the men in my life (hubby and two teen sons), but maybe one or two, here and there!  Really, I'm sure it will be a potpourri of the things I'm interested and/or involved in:  plant-based food, homeschooling, family, planners, internet life - things like that!  I'll still be making inserts when I can/want to/have time/want something new.  You can still submit suggestions and requests, but I you should know that I have absolutely no timeline for when I can get to them.  I hope you will still want to interact with the blog - thanks for sticking with me!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

5 Things Your Planner Can't Do

I love my technology, my gadgets, my apps, my get the picture.  There was  a time that I was all about that and I didn't use a paper and pencil planner  AT ALL!  <gasp>  Can you even imagine?

Now I don't add appointments to, or make to-do lists on, my phone.  I carry my planner everywhere.  It fits in my purse (I make sure of that) and sometimes I just leave the house with my planner and my keys.  It hangs out beside my desk, the coffee table, the corner table in the kitchen, and my bedside table.  I depend on it.  I never imagined that would be me.

Still, let me tell you, I depend on my phone because there are 3 things a paper planner can't do.

1.  It can't remind you in one hour to make sure your blood sugar isn't too low (usually because, like a dork, you took too much insulin or the wrong insulin before bed).

2.  It can't wake you up at 5am to take your antibiotic premed before your 11am peridontist appointment.

3.  It can remind you, but you still can't use it to pay your utility bill.

4.  It can't tell you your bank balance.

5.  It can't message your sister so you can vent about your stressful day.

I converted to using a paper planner in the middle of 2014 and haven't looked back.  I can't see how I could manage my life, as well, without it and I hope I never have to do without my smartphone as well!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Schedules on Post It's

Monday I am having oral surgery and because of things I need to do to prepare, simply writing "oral surgery" in my planner was not going to work for me.

I made a schedule of events on a post it note and put it on my planner pages to look at over the weekend. Even though all the tasks need to be done ON Monday, I'm not going to be looking at Monday events until that day, so the weekend/notes section was the best place.

I normally wake up pretty early (bleh), so 4am doesn't seem so daunting to me.  Just in case, though, I am setting my alarm for 4am so I can take my antibiotic 6 hours before the procedure.  I will also eat a little something and take my insulin.  At 8am I have meds to take that will make me very drowsy - and then my appointment is at 10 am.  I will have to take my antibiotic again 6 hours after the procedure - and that reminder will go on my phone, because I don't trust myself to remember - especially if drugs are involved!

Having all this lined up has relieved me of a lot of anxiety.  Do you make detailed notes on post it notes?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What's New With Planner Fun

Note:  My blog is still "open" even though the posts have been sporadic because of time constraints.  March has been a very busy month!

I have been all over the place lately when it comes to my daily and weekly planning.  I used the Week on 2 Pages PLUS (and some moderation's) for several weeks, and found the layout super helpful.  I think I have finally learned, though, that my original Week on 2 Pages (created based on the layout Giftie Etcetera used when I first discovered her blog) will always be my favorite.  Because I like to create templates as much as I like to use them, I updated it slightly - just with a new font and a slightly larger inner column.

I tried using daily pages everyday for a time, and while I really liked the page I created (basically I copied the Franklin Covey daily page, sorry I can't share it), I found that I almost stopped using my weekly pages and felt disorganized and wondered constantly if I was forgetting something.  I went back only using daily pages on super-busy days.

Notice how I keep talking about "going back" to my original layouts and methods? That shows me to stick with what works - but that's probably not going to stop me from creating!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Giftie Etcetera - Planner Fun March Team Up [printable]

Click HERE to download
Today I give you the March edition of the Giftie Etcetera - Planner Fun Team Up, where Kristy takes one of my free printables and shows you alternate (and creative, I might add) ways to use it.

You can read Kristy's post HERE.

Download the insert here  Just Boxes