Monday, January 4, 2016

Planner Setup and Sections [Links to Inserts]

Going into the New Year, I thought I would share my current setup.  I try new things from time to time, but truth be told, I rarely stray far.

When you open my planner, you see paper - either graph paper for notes or a daily page, that I only use on occasion.

My first section holds my week on 2 pages setup.

The second section is for my monthly pages.  These are the ones that I use.

Future Pages are an important part of my planner and are behind my third section.  Check out Giftie's site to learn how to use Future Pages.

My fourth section is reserved for my blog,  It's used mostly for lists - lists of requested inserts and ideas for improving the blog.

The biggest change in my planner is that I combined my projects and files.  They are hosted in the fifth section with A-Z dividers.

2015 was my first full year of using a planner and I can say without a doubt is that it changed the way I do things in a big way, and for the good.  I would be surprised if I ever went back to using my phone to keep up with appointments, tasks and reminders.


  1. In trying to downsize and streamline my planner, I took out the Files/A-Z section. Mistake. I could handle the shift from a FC Compact to the FF Personal size, but am totally lost and uncomfortable without my Files. My Files/A-Z holds my lists, projects, and reference information I need to get stuff done. I can then move the pages to the relevant week or day, then when that task is done, the pages move back to the file or get archived. I'm sure there are apps to do this, but for what I need or want to do, the "old fashioned" paper, pen, and binder works faster for me. And, isn't that the point of an organizer? To get things done? So, no. I couldn't go back either.
    BTW, I have 3 sections: Focus, Capture, and Files.

  2. What kind of paper are you printing on? I like the yellow cast to it.

  3. I tried to use my phone for keeping up with schedule and it just didnt work. I am a palnner girl at heart. I do use Cozi family organizer so my family stays updated with appointments and I have appoitnments on hand if I go out, but I prefer my planner.