Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ideas for Inserts or What Can I Put In My Planner? [Part 1]

When I first started using my planner I had a ton of dividers and inserts because I am the Queen of Compartmentalizing.  That's why I've had so many notebooks, and blogs, and dividers, and - well, you get my gist.

Maybe you are a newbie planner and are looking for ideas of what to put in your planner.  Since this is an insert blog, maybe I can help you find ideas or help you come up with your own.  If you get too many things going on in your planner, visit for great advice on how to streamline your planner and keep your thoughts organized.

I get a lot of ideas for inserts from my readers.  I have always encouraged readers to drop me a line telling me what kind of inserts they are looking for.  As often as I can I try to make their ideas come to life.

I also get ideas from members of like-minded Facebook Groups.  Many of the members even share pictures of their inserts and planners to give you an endless number of ideas for your own planner.  go to search in Facebook and enter "planner group"; you will find many.  If you have time to browse, go way back in the "archives" (don't you wish they actually had an archive by month and year?)  You might want to start with this one:  Giftie Etcetera  Planners, Planning, and Organizing.

Coming Soon:  Ideas for Inserts [Part 2]

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  1. I am the worst for getting a bee in my bonnet over a planner idea I have seen and lately they have rarely come to life. I am adamant that over the next couple of months I will completely overhaul my beloved Filo. Looking forward to Part 2!