Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ideas For Inserts [Part 3] Everyday Life

Other than a week at a glance calendar and a monthly calendar, I couldn't figure out what else I could possibly need in my planner.  Of course this was years ago and now I have an abundance of ideas.  I've had my share of inserts that I never used and knew I wouldn't when I put them in my planner!  After some time, I wanted everything to be relevant and realistic to my life.

An insert to track orders?  I only use that around Christmas but I do find it helpful so I keep that insert on file in my computer and print when I need it.

How about an insert to track TV series, especially when binge watching them on TV?   I made a nice insert for this but never printed one out for myself since Netflix does a pretty good job of keeping up with where I am.

So, what inserts do I use?  What inserts do you need?  Inserts that help you with the tasks of everyday life!  Some of the inserts I make never hit the blog because they are so customized to my life that no one else would find them helpful. The more generic inserts are what you'll find at Planner Fun.

Here are a few ideas of what I use:
 Most people would just get a piece of graph paper and just draw out some of these things but since this is a fun creative outlet for me, they get turned into inserts. What things from your everyday life do you document or track in your planner?  Any ideas for new inserts?

Part 4 will conclude our series next week.

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  1. Love your inserts! Thanks for making them public.I use a different Weekly spread for each month of the year.
    I've got some insert ideas:
    * Naptime/bedtime Tracker
    * Yes! Definitely need an online purchase tracker item/site/cost/ship date/ received?
    * I really like the WO4P EC Box style spread but I miss the checklist/notes/menu on upfront. If this were modified to two boxes EC sized or simple EC short column w/o defined box you could have a WO2P with notes/checklist/menu at the bottom. I currently use WO2P-Plus.
    * Work/Vacation Days Tracker
    * Memory capture page w/ box for photo and lines for writing