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Last Week in my Planner (Feb 1-7)

Monday, February 8, 2016

This insert is still working very well for me.  A few changes might be made to it (for me) in the future.  I'm finding that I do not use the weekly checklist, and that means either I don't need it or I really do need it!  I'm not sure what I would put there in its place.  The inspiration section?  I wrote down the layers I was planning for my 7 layer dip.  Maybe that should just be another notes section.

Having specific appointments and time specific tasks in the outer columns has been working great and I love the to-list.  So, I will continue to use it another week!


  1. I've found the same thing with the new weekly sheet - although I never even get around to writing the weekly habits on the lines! But otherwise I really like the format with the list that can just keep being rolled over and added too for the entire week instead of rewriting the next day everything off of the list that wasn't accomplished the day before. I think you have a real winner here!

  2. I do believe the checklist would help me, especially in reminding my teens of their specific chores - if I would just look at it!!

  3. I really like these inserts. If I used a weekly, I'd be seriously tempted.

  4. And I like highlighting completed tasks, too. It makes them stand out better than a checkmark or strike thru.

  5. I really enjoy how this layout looks. It's very similar to an idea for next year.


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